12 Months to 1 Million

12 months to 1 million is InnerLight Media's premier social media program. It's a best in industry do it all for you social media program that combines the best strategies for social media management, content creation, videos and distribution to build you an organic following of 1 million followers in a year. For more information send us a message on the contact page to schedule a discovery call.



If you're a business or a creator and you need a professional videographer or editor for your content we have best in industry talent. Or if you have an Entrepreneur Mastermind or Event and need professional cinematography we can provide best in class services.


Viral Videos

Many things have changed overtime, the one thing that hasn’t changed is the power of storytelling. It doesn’t matter which social media platform you’re on or how much the algorithms have changed; nothing beats a good story that connects with people because how you make someone feel is what makes it shareable. When you’re able to tell a story in a compelling way you’re able to attract a lot of attention; and having the attention of a large audience is invaluable to any brand.  We help brands and influencers make an impact via storytelling the world simply can’t ignore. Videos are the most proven way to get your message across to the masses and grow your following, sell books, sell out shows or increase your bottom line. We do everything from script writing, to location scouting to expert pre and post production  in creating the best videos for you.


Consultation and Deep Dive Social Media Audit

We get it, you don’t know where to start or who to turn to in order to turn your brand into a high performing digital success. Well look no further, with our strategy consulting we will give you the best tools and strategies to build your social media community, go viral and increase your digital presence. We Do a Deep dive into your digital presence and have a strategy call with you to determine where you are strong at and where you can improve at. We show you the Key performance indicators to help you grow your digital presence, ways to increase your SEO, your brand and your bottom line.


Social Media Management

You’re a brand that wants to take your social media game to extraordinary levels. You want the best methods possible for growth and to fast track your success while someone takes care of all your social presence so you don’t have to. Through advanced techniques and high precision tactics in growing an audience we take your brand to new heights. Whether it’s one social media platform or all social media platforms we can professionally manage your entire social presence to ensure quality, growth and professionalism.


Social Media Distribution

So you know you have great content but you just don’t know how to get it in front of the masses. Lets face it, attention is the most valuable asset a business can have. Through our relationships, strategic formulas, and immediate impact methods we get your content in front of a large audience quickly. With our methods we can reach millions of people  so you don’t have to worry about whether or not your content will be seen by a large number of people.



We take a deep look at your digital presence by doing a deep dive digital audit and for 30 days we completely optimize all your social accounts to maximize your brand’s visibility, build your community, form a first class social strategy, create a viral video, do massive distribution and turn your brand into a high performing digital success.  And best of all we teach your team the strategies and systems we use so they become an expert social media powerhouse for your brand in 30 days. We turn your brand into a digital success and teach your team how we did it. This method of doing everything for you and then teaching your team all the successful formulas we use to build your digital presence is an experience no other social media agency offers.


Viral Video and Social Media Course

We partnered with Snow Media to offer the best course on viral videos and Superhero Academy to offer you a master course on how to grow on social media. Click here to access our other site to sign up for the courses and to see the additional services we offer.





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