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Innerlight Media

Innerlight Media is the premier Social Media agency for influencers and brands with positive and life affirming messages. Our triple A method of digital success is a one of a kind method that uniquely understands culture, audience building, content creation and getting the recognition you deserve. 

Our mission is to impact the world through positivity because we believe all change requires inspiration first. We positively impact global change by helping influencers and brands reach their max potential. We help them accelerate the growth of their audience, monetize their brand, and make an impact the world can’t ignore. Ultimately, we want everyone to discover their inner light in order to help improve the world. Our prime way of helping brands is building organic social media following and creating viral videos.

We have worked with some of the biggest online influencers in the world and helped them garner up billions of views, millions of followers and a large digital presence that has been recognized by global leaders. What separates us from everybody else is we are a one stop shop for all things social media from viral videos, social media management or learning how to monetize your audience and we have a proven track record.

We're not the only ones happyexcited about Innerlight Media...

Some of the brands we have worked with are

Viral Videos

Create much wider audience reach, increased engagement and significant follower growth.

We provide storyboarding, logistical planning, and outlining of every video. Expert post production editing and sound design custom to each client.

Social Media Management

Every month you're reported analytics of your social media.

Full social media strategy management of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages that will continue to help you build your brand.


This is where we put in the ground work and put all the plans into action in front of the world.

If you want your video content on Facebook or Instagram to have a large reach, we can distribute your content to a wide audience. Contact us to see if your content fits our audience.

Social Media Strategy

Have a bigger impact as an influencer while developing a stronger relationship with your audience naturally and organically.

We meet and understand what your goals are, what your audience wants, what kind of content needs to be created and we figure out how to best make it all work.