How To Keep Your Entrepreneurial Head Up Under A Proverbial Storm

The moment you take the great plunge or actually set up a business and get clientele and support, it would be easy sailing for a while. But humans usually lose their patience, will, and desire when they see themselves stagnant and failing while on the stones.

Inspirational Quotes Inspiring Women

Women have never had it easy. Throughout the centuries, long drawn out patriarchal struggles have led to several uprisings by women. And while a long way is still left the progress made is astounding.

How To Remain Positive Even In Your Darkest Times

Mary Cregan was diagnosed with a severe brain tumor back in the year 2015. She was just 30 years old. She had to go through a barrage of tests and treatments and the tumor went into remission for that time. But it returned the next year. It was a malignant one. The family had to face the fact that their daughter would now have to suffer through the horrible disease.

Willow Herman – The Girl Who Suffers From Brittle Bone Disease Shows The World That Nothing Can Stop You From Chasing Your Dreams

When Willow Herman decided that she wanted to be a goaltender, her parents were surprised. For them, the surprise wasn’t about a girl playing hockey, a traditionally-accepted boy’s sport. Rather, they were worried about Willow’s physical condition.

Get Yourself The Winner Mindset By Implementing These Tips In Your Life

Dreams are not achieved by miracles. They are achieved through passion and hard work. Neither of the two can be ignored. If you want to do something with your life, make sure that you have the right mindset to get out there and do it.

The #TrashTag Challenge That Is Making The World A Better Place One Post At A Time

All this was possible, thanks to the efforts of Byron Roman, a loan officer in Phoenix. He shared a photo posted by an Algerian man which showed a dirty location ‘before’ and ‘after’ it had been cleaned up by him. All the garbage had been neatly tied up in trash bags. In the caption, Roman wrote, “Here is a new #challenge for all you bored teens."

The Child Of Teachers – A Different Life?

A bit unconventional from the usual articles on the internet, isn’t it? I mean, we are all used to reading ‘Growing up in a Middle-Class household’, or ‘Growing up as a Lone Child’, but there aren’t many articles that talk about the life of a teacher’s children.

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The Power Of Forgiveness And Why It Is Important To Practice It

While forgiving one’s abuser might seem like an impossible thing to do, it is actually a tenet of positive psychology and it doesn’t require the victim to grant them a blanket pardon for their sins. This forgiveness is to help the victim find peace in their own lives and it is not an easy thing to come by for them.

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Stanford University Now Teaches Students To Design Their Lives And Everyone Should Pay Attention

When we hear the word ‘design’ we immediately associate it with concepts like fashion, textiles, graphics, and so on. But two academicians from the United States of America have decided to take the idea of design a step further by applying it to our everyday lives.

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Is Social Media Turning Us Into Robots?

Maybe George Orwell was right. Maybe, we have come into a situation where constant surveillance is the norm and humans are being turned into mindless beasts; following the same line, the same rat race, and the same single mindset towards life.

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Morning Motivational Mantra

I agree, waking up in the morning is a big deal for us. Especially waking up early after a night out. But, you know what they say: ‘Early to bed, early to rise, makes jack healthy, wealthy, and wise’. But some of us simply can’t wake up that early with enough energy to tackle the entire day.

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