How To Keep Your Entrepreneurial Head Up Under A Proverbial Storm

Success is never constant. In fact, the rate of success is way below the rate of failures. What do you do then? Wrap up your boards, unlace your boots, and go take a 20-year nap? Obviously not! If you have a life if you have the ability, and most importantly, if you have the vision, why wouldn’t you go all the way? As it stands, you will get hit by storms left, right, and center as long as you are simply stepping on the rocks.

The moment you take the great plunge or actually set up a business and get clientele and support, it would be easy sailing for a while. But humans usually lose their patience, will, and desire when they see themselves stagnant and failing while on the stones. And that is when you need to be even more focused. For, if the foundation is not strong enough, the entire building is going to fall down and everything you might have thought of in your childhood years- a big house, big cars, private jets, and an enormous bank balance – would all go down the drain. And do you want that? Does anyone want that? No.

You see, the difference between a winner and a loser is just one simple fact – the mindset. It is not assured that a winner always wins at life, at every situation, at every position, or in every circumstance. No one can have so much good luck. But when a winner fails or loses, they don’t complain. They don’t whine and especially, they don’t give up. They realize where they went wrong, they go over the entire simulation in their head, find mistakes, and work up solutions that prevent the mistakes from happening again.

They would never complain about it to anyone, for they know that no one would really care. Their mindset is always geared towards progress. They believe that even losing at something is progress, for you get to see a different perspective of the same situation. What I am implying is that every single objective can have multiple ways through which one can deal with it. And, if you fail through one way, you should utilize the other 999 ways available. For, there will always be a correct way to do something which you will get only if you focus and never let go. A loser would give up the first chance that they get. They believe success comes easy and without the least bit of struggle. But that is never the case. You might win a few easy battles, but the war is still not over.

Every successful entrepreneur in history – Rockefeller, Gates, Musk, Armani, Daimler, and Ford – they have one thing in common. Their zeal is to be someone, to make something, and to be known as someone. They might not have studied from a very prestigious university and might not have the perfect connections required to have a startup, but they realized their strengths and despite countless failures, had a clear vision in mind. They wanted to create something. And they did, come rain or snow.

Now, ask any entrepreneur worth his salt on how to keep your head up even when you are underwater and he would always have the same reply-


Why are you doing this? What is it that you want to gain from this? Will it make you happy? Will it give you a purpose in life? These are the questions that you need to answer. If your answer is superficial or simply materialistic, then you will never strive as hard as your potential dictates. Your answer needs to come from within, it needs to reverberate around your very soul and never should that answer change throughout your life. Honestly, if you are working for money, it shows.

Work Smart, Not Hard

Cliché, but true! Instead of pulling 7 days a week, why not work for 4 days? For, and hear me out, your efficiency in 4 days would be similar to your efficiency of the entire week. So, don’t pull out all stop and work for 60 hours, 7 days a week, but work for 4 days. The amount of creativity and energy that you will be able to channel in your work would be astounding. And do you know why? For, your subconscious would be constantly waiting for those 3 holidays that you will be receiving at the end of the week where you can absolutely relax. And that will give you a new drive in your work to complete any project, whether complex or easy, by the end of 4 days. Although this doesn’t mean that you would slack for 4 days, while also enjoying a holiday for 3 days as that would be detrimental to your entire dream.

What is lacking?

If you are beset with failure, then there must be something that you are missing out. Something that you never considered important, but it turned out to be so. Well, to correct that, simply go to your resume and read what your skills are. Next, go to any job requirement that suits your alma mater/experience and see what you are missing out on. It could be anything – from programming to typing to downloading to editing to public relations. And, at this point in time, you will realize that your entrepreneurial dream will remain just a dream until you start fixing out your losses. So, go on the net, sign up for classes and see your startup taking flight.

It is all a matter of perspective. You just need to think, look, and be positive. For every problem has a solution.