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Travis Believes

Inspiring the Everyday Person to Reach Their Max Potential.


Travis Believes is available to speak at your next Mastermind, Conference or Event. He is Qualified to deliever High-Powered inspiring keynote Addresses or Speak on success mindsets, how to tell your own story, going viral and leadership.

Knowledge is the new entertainment, integrity is the new currency.

We positively impact global change by helping influencers and brands reach their max potential. We help them accelerate the growth of their audience, monetize their brand, and make an impact the world can’t ignore. Ultimately, we want everyone to discover their inner light and what separates them from everyone else.

We have worked with some of the biggest online influencers in the world and helped them garner up millions of views. What separates us from everybody else is not only do we understand viral video making better than anyone, but we also get your videos in front of millions of people through our distribution network.

Travis grew up in children’s homes in St Louis, Missouri. Unlike most people, he didn’t have parents or any place where he could belong. As such, he went through a lot of struggles, but he didn’t let them break him or stop him. Instead, the difficulties he faced only made him stronger and more determined to change his life for the better. 

He is a perfect example of “from zero to hero.” Travis has shown and continues to show people around the world that the circumstances under which you grow up don’t have to define you. Travis never had a voice he could listen to so when Travis discovered the power of Social Media he realized he could use it as a platform to bring people together and help promote positive voices to inspire people to succeed in life no matter who you are. 

And this is how Innerlight Media came to be. 

Travis  took a different approach to social media and managed to thrive in it. Instead of taking everything at face value. He invested in studying and understanding the algorithms that determine the success of social media usage. Travis has been doing this for over ten years and has worked with the biggest brands in personal development and motivation like Prince Ea and Jay Shetty to name a few.

Viral Videos

Create much wider audience reach, increased engagement and significant follower growth.

We provide storyboarding, logistical planning, and outlining of every video. Expert post production editing and sound design custom to each client.

Social Media Management

Every month you're reported analytics of your social media.

Full social media strategy management of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages that will continue to help you build your brand.


This is where we put in the ground work and put all the plans into action in front of the world.

If you want your video content on Facebook or Instagram to have a large reach, we can distribute your content to a wide audience. Contact us to see if your content fits our audience.

Social Media Strategy

Have a bigger impact as an influencer while developing a stronger relationship with your audience naturally and organically.

We meet and understand what your goals are, what your audience wants, what kind of content needs to be created and we figure out how to best make it all work.