Friendships isn’t about who came first, it’s about who came and never left

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Friendships isn’t about who came first, it’s about who came and never left

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We all have that bunch of fair-weather friends who love to hang out when things are going. But as soon as you require some help or are not up there meeting their vibes, they will dump you in the blink of an eye. This is why it important to appreciate those friends who came and never left, no matter how bad the situations turned out to be. Those are the friendships that should be cherished the most.

Here’s one to the friends who are always there for us even when we cannot be there for ourselves. Each of them deserves a big thank you. The beauty of friendships is that it is never all smooth-sailing. Yet these friends will stick by your side through all the hardships. Some days you roll our eyes at them, and on some days they want to grab you by our shoulders and give you a good shake. 


Friendships of a Lifetime

Maybe you can’t stop gushing about that one boy, but your friends know it’s of no use. They remind you of the traps, they take care of you so that you can avoid those traps. And even when you ignore all their good advice just to follow your own whimsy, they will not hesitate to pull you out of those traps. They become a safe space. And for that, they deserve all the love and appreciation. Maybe you aren’t the one to express your gratitude too openly but let them know once in a while that none of their efforts go unnoticed. Let them know how much you love and appreciate their existence in your life.

These friendships are the support we seek. They support us in our endeavors but will not shy away from delivering a brutal truth. These friends know what is best for us, even when we refuse to see it for ourselves. They know what will cause us pain, and these friends will put all their energy to protect us. No matter how many mistakes we make, they might feel frustrated but they will always stick around.

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These friendships are the embodiment of selfless love- they are not your partners who are looking to gain some romantic adventures. They are not someone who has anything to gain from you, except pure love. 

If you find such friends, don’t burn your bridges. You know they won’t. These friendships need to be nurtured and cherished because they will last you a lifetime. If you feel mushy enough by now, maybe time to call up the ones about whom you’ve been thinking all the while you read this article?

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