Hate Is A Strong Word, But Love Is Stronger

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Hate Is A Strong Word, But Love Is Stronger

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I’m sure all of us have experienced hate. It’s ugly and deeply injurious, not just to people towards whom it’s directed, but even to us. It is a heavy feeling, and it does not bring any good to anyone. And I’m sure every single one of us have felt love too. Maybe not right now, maybe not recently, but surely, at some point in our lives. And let us tell you, love is stronger than everything. 

Oftentimes, we fall into the pit of hatred. Be it self hatred or it being projected towards someone else; it’s harmful nonetheless. It’s powerful and dark. One thing that can be said about hatred is that it is quite similar to love. 

Yes, you heard it right. The two emotions of love and hate are so powerful and extreme that they have quite a lot in common. They consume you whole. Once you catch either of the emotions, you will realize that you can think of little else. Nothing will seem to matter in the face of both love and hate. You will feel like you can do anything when you are driven by these two emotions.

Both emotions are universal languages. Regardless of race, language, class, or nationality, everyone feels love and hate. 

Love And Hate Are Built In A Similar Structure

You must have noticed that when you are consumed by either of the two emotions, your entire mind and soul are captured by it. 

Enough about similarities. Now, let us tell you about the differences. The major difference is that hate constricts your heart, while love expands it. Hate leads you towards destruction, while love leads you towards spiritual growth. But most importantly, while hate might feel strong, love is stronger. 

Love Is Stronger And Can Defeat Hatred

The more you love, the stronger your inner self will feel. Love is the pathway to spiritual freedom. But unfortunately, love doesn’t come easy. 

In this cruel world of ours, it is much easier to feel hatred than love. It can often feel like everyone is just seeking selfish delights. With the poor condition of our environment and many people across the globe, this world can feel like a place without love. But do not make the mistake of accepting that. That’s just the hatred hidden within us who’s manipulating us. It is more than capable of clouding our judgment. 

The first step towards love is accepting your inner hate. You can defeat hate only when you identify and accept it. Try to understand the root cause of your hate and treat it with love. Soon, you will realize that your hate has turned into love. 

Always remember that love is stronger and is the solution to every problem. 

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