The Greatest Gift You Can Give Someone Is Your Time, Your Attention, Your Love, Your Concern

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The Greatest Gift You Can Give Someone Is Your Time, Your Attention, Your Love, Your Concern

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We always try to display our affection on someone by taking them out for nice meals, buying them expensive stuff, and generally pampering them with materials. But we forget the very basics- the greatest gift you can ever give someone is your time. It is always the little things that matter. Being there for them when they are tired after work, paying attention to the things they are saying, and generally being aware of their presence in your life- nothing tops that. And yet, we still fixate on displaying wealth.

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The Greatest Gift Shouldn’t Be Something You Have To Think Too Much About

It is a loop- if you know them well enough to know what they want, then you are already giving them that. Remember, spending time with someone for an hour even in a remote place is ten times better than eating in a 5-star restaurant for 15 minutes. It is the time, the effort, that counts- not the place. If you truly love your partner, you need to focus on the smallest of things. They are the ones that can make or break a relationship. The big things are easy, effortless. All you need to do is spend money, and you will have them. But for the tiny things- you need time, attention, and love. To help them out in their work, to be there for them when they are sick, to make them happy when they are sad- you can’t spend money on that. You have to be invested in the process. 

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Remember, someone who really wants you, would expect their greatest gift to be your unwavering presence in their life. You can’t expect to maintain that relationship just by being blissful and ignorant about what’s happening. You need to jump in and help your partner out. Be there for them when they need you- there’s nothing more that they need. Your partner can live without eating at a multi-star restaurant. But they probably can’t live with you unintentionally ignoring them. The greatest gift that you can give them is to reassure them of their place in your life. Wherein, you would care about their tiniest of needs, just like you would do yours. For, being there for each other is all that matters. You can’t substitute that with all the money in the world. 

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Pay attention to what they are saying- show your love to them. Ask them what they want, talk to them. The greatest gift one person can give someone else is their presence and time. For, that encompasses all. 

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