Don’t Let Bad Things In Your Past Affect Good Things In Your Future

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Don’t Let Bad Things In Your Past Affect Good Things In Your Future

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Tell me something – would you not eat something today if the food you ate 6 months back was horrid? Of course, you will eat, right? You will have realized that the bad food you ate such a long time back should have no bearing on the food you are eating now. Then why do you let bad things in your past affect the things that are happening now, or will? 

Let bygone be bygones. You can’t change what happened in the past. It’s done and over. What you can do is control how the future turns out for you. 

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You Can Reach True Happiness Only When You Don’t Let Bad Things In Your Past Affect Your Future

Yes, we know you are hurt. We know that you have suffered great damages in the past, but times have changed. No one is asking you to forget what happened. No one is asking you to let it out of your mind. Just don’t let it be the guiding principle of your life. Don’t start believing that simply because something ugly happened before, you are not destined for good things. That is simply not true. 

The bad things in your past can’t dictate how the future will be for you. They are simply there- a memory, a picture in a frame on the mantelpiece. The more you let them control your life, the more your future would seem like a hell-hole. 

The Future Is In Your Hands

What you can do is learn from what happened in the past if you want to focus on the future. See where you went wrong and how you could fix that in the future. Remember, you can’t undo time and go back to not having that ugly thing in your life. It has happened, and there are no two ways about it. But you can realize your mistakes, and not let the bad things in your past have a detrimental impact on your future. 

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Everyone messes up. Yet, we all move on. The nightmares of the past might haunt us for a few months or years, but you would soon forget it. Don’t panic or fret if you can’t stop thinking about it. Simply let go. Understand that what has to happen is a thing of the past. There is nothing you can do about it now, no point crying over spilled milk. 

Don’t let your mistake form your identity. Don’t let the bad things in your past shape your future. 

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