Making Mistakes Is Better Than Faking Perfection

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Making Mistakes Is Better Than Faking Perfection

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Do you know what is more beautiful than perfection? People who realize they have made a mistake accept it and make their way to a greater path. Nothing is more beautiful than confidence. And confidence only comes to those who learn to accept themselves. Faking perfection is the worst injustice you can do to yourself. 

Accepting mistakes would mean us acknowledging that we are not perfect. And that can be difficult, but here are five reasons you should embrace your mistakes. 

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1. You Will Grow Stronger And Smarter

Look, everyone has done something for the first time in their life. And, in the process, everyone has made mistakes. Life is a learning process. Accept it, learn from your mistakes, and you will only grow stronger and smarter. 

2. Your Creative Side Will Awaken

Every time you fake perfection, you deny your inner self to come up with creative solutions. And that’s doing you more harm than you know. Creativity will awaken with a force once you accept your mistakes. Your intuition will jump into action to make sure that you never repeat that mistake. Moreover, it will even sharpen your focus in life. 

3. Faking Perfection Will Limit Your Opportunities 

Faking Perfection

This is one of the biggest problems with faking perfection. When you mold your false identity, you limit your true self’s growth. It’s only natural that you will fear growth since it involves making mistakes. Even if it’s outside your comfort zone, do not miss out on opportunities just because you wanted to preserve your “perfect” identity. Furthermore, making and accepting mistakes has a rush of their own. It’s the excitement from knowing that your true self is growing!

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4. Do You Want To Become An Expert? Stop Faking Perfection!

Do you know what the one step every expert knows is? The step of trial and error. This is the one and the only thing that leads you to become an expert on anything. It’s the human curiosity and creativity that’s helped us reach this level of civilization. From caveman to creating intelligent AIs is not just a coincidence. People made mistakes, accepted it, learned from it, and made way to a greater life. It’s on your hands. Do you want to fake perfection, or do you want to become an expert in your field?

5. It’s the Only Path To Physical And Spiritual Healing

Making mistakes is frustrating. What makes the process even worse is our expectation of keeping a perfect image. It binds our mistakes and hides them from other people. And when you hide a part of yourself, you will never be at spiritual peace. 

Accept your human-ness. Give yourself the space to make mistakes; you deserve it. 

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