One of The Best Feelings is Seeing a Smile on Someone’s Face and Knowing That You Put it There

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One of The Best Feelings is Seeing a Smile on Someone’s Face and Knowing That You Put it There

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In the world that we live today, occasions for a smile are far and few in between. We are always worried, always in fear that something bad is going to happen. We have so accustomed ourselves to feeling the negatives that we let go of the positives because it seems too foreign. Yet, happiness is paramount to one’s life. Science has shown that the more one smiles, the better their neurons work. So, in this world of pain and sorrow, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could put a smile on someone’s face?

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Putting A Smile On Someone’s Face

Now, putting a smile on someone’s face isn’t as easy as you think it is. Every human being has two forms of smiles- the social smile and the true smile. A social smile is used in a social setting- around strangers when you have to be polite. This smile doesn’t reach one’s eyes as it’s simply displaying a modicum of decency. But a true smile happens only when you are feeling truly happy. But this smile stretches till your eyes. This means that this smile isn’t just a facade of politeness, but a smile that shows your happiness within. It’s beautiful, and to be the reason behind it- that’s amazing. 

Putting a Smile On Someone’s Face

It is important to smile. Smile releases and is released by a whole range of serotonin, which helps alleviate stress from the body. So, if you are seeing someone who is stressing under the burden of their family or life, make them smile. The least you can do as a fellow human is be nice to others- who knows, maybe that is enough to make them smile?

Ways To Light Up

It is said that most people are uncomfortable with smiling. They think that smiling makes them look bad, or maybe they are simply shy. What you need to do as a human is to draw them out of this cocoon, and make them realize that a smile can literally change their lives. Tell them a joke (make sure that it is not offensive). Maybe reach out and pick something out from the top shelf. Or, help them out with directions. Even further so, simply say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ when availing their services. Gratitude goes a long way, especially when putting a smile on someone’s face. 

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If they are someone special to you, prove it to them that they are special. This will definitely give them a reason to smile- and that reason will be you. Make them their favorite dish when they come back from work. Sit with them, talk to them. Show that you care. The world is filled with people who believe they don’t deserve to be cared for. Prove at least one single person wrong, and you will give them a reason to smile.

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