You’ll Be Happier Spending Your Money on Experiences Rather Than Possessions

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You’ll Be Happier Spending Your Money on Experiences Rather Than Possessions

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Money can’t buy happiness- that’s a fact. But money can surely give you experiences, which will make you happy. You could buy cars, houses, and tangible things one after the other- but they won’t make you happy. Comfortable, sure. But you won’t get that pleasure seeing them around you, which you get from memories. If you spent your money on experiences, like a trekking trip, the people you meet on that trip, the adventure of the sport, the emotions you feel- those will make you happy. Later, when you are in a state of despair and are pretty upset with your lot in life, it is these experiences that will be a ray of sunlight in your life. 

Spending Money On Experiences – Long Term Benefits

Sure, we can make an argument that spending money on a material would be more profitable- for they would last a long time. Whereas money on experiences doesn’t seem that profitable in the material world. If you compared the longevity of a shirt that you bought and a roller coaster ride, it is obviously the shirt that lasts longer. But, what about the emotions and sentiments you felt with both the purchases? 

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With a shirt, it is mere comfort that makes you buy it. You aren’t exactly happy- for it is just a mere shirt. With time, your feelings for it will simply diminish marginally. But as far as a roller-coaster ride goes- you are faced with a host of emotions, excitement, and this elation at doing something that will give you a rush. While the experience might be over in 5 minutes, the feelings left behind would stay as a cherished memory. 

money on experiences makes you happier

In fact, the memory of you going through the swanky floors in a mall to your favorite H&M store would be cherished more than actually buying the shirt. In the end, it is the journey that matters, not the destination. No one remembers what they did at the end of a roller-coaster ride. But everyone can tell you the fear, the thrill, the adrenaline coursing through their veins. And that is exactly what makes someone happy. 

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The very memory of a cherished experience plays like a VHS tape, again and again, every time you want it. But a shirt would simply be a tangible item, which is merely a necessity. Over time, you might simply forget how much that shirt cost, which would depreciate its value even further. While the money on experiences creates memories. However small that memory, it would always seem bigger in comparison. 
So, it is advised that people spend more on accumulating experiences rather than material possessions because experiences provide happiness. Spending money on experiences will bring you far greater joys later in life than any other material possessions.

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