Ceo Makes $1.6 Million In The Stock Market, Calls An Emergency Virtually Meeting & Lets His Employees Know That He Is Giving It All To Them.

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Ceo Makes $1.6 Million In The Stock Market, Calls An Emergency Virtually Meeting & Lets His Employees Know That He Is Giving It All To Them.

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As some countries are facing the dread of a possible second wave of the virus, many countries are still struggling to find a footing in the first one. As the pandemic continues to rage on, many people are losing their jobs due to the economic downfall. During this time of crisis, many people have come together in tremendous acts of kindness. Like so, this real estate CEO surprised his employees over a video conference. 

Larry Connor, founder and owner of The Connor Group, told his employees that the company earned a total of $1.6 million in 8 days through the stock market. He won everyone’s heart when he later announced that a total of $1.6 million will be given to the employees as bonuses. 

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However, Amanda Brown, the company’s spokesperson, informed media sources that staff who earned over $150,000 were not being considered for the bonus checks. 

Currently, this real estate CEO employs around 400 people and operates from Ohio. The bonuses will differ from employee to employee based on their longevity and position. Staff with lower pay will get at least $2,000 – $9,000. Staff members who earn in the middle range will get around $42,000.

Not just this, the company has even lent out their apartments as an aid to essential business owners during this crisis. 

Real Estate CEO Helps Over 800 Staff Members Through His Act Of Kindness

In a press release, Larry Connor stated that his company believed in doing what was right. He added that giving the money back to his hard-working staff members was necessary. 

Another employee, Memo Alba, said that he loved the company precisely for this reason. He said that it’s like a family that takes care of each other. Alba received a bonus check of $6,000. 

Alba laid down his plans for utilizing his $6,000 bonus. He said that he will remodel his home, take a trip along with his spouse in the future, and have a nice dinner date. 

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Brown further stated that the company reached the total amount of $1.6 million after deducting the tax. Apart from this generous bonus, the company has also pledged to take care of its employees’ unexpected child care expenses. They are also expanding their loan program for their associates. Through the program, the employees can take loans by means of an advance payment. The amount can later be deducted from their payroll. 

The real estate CEO later added that they believed in taking care of their staff members first. Connor added that he wanted to take action rather than just talk. 

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