This Therapy ‘DOGTOR’ is Delivering Thousands of ‘Hero Healing Kits’ to Hospital Workers on the Frontlines

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This Therapy ‘DOGTOR’ is Delivering Thousands of ‘Hero Healing Kits’ to Hospital Workers on the Frontlines

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What’s more delightful than a dog in a lab coat delivering medicines and supplies to the health workers? Maybe a dog eating a rainbow. But, this therapy dogtor really knows her skills. With that adorable face, she is one of the frontline workers responsible for helping her human friends combat this global pandemic. 

The entire scenario began when Loki (the therapy dogtor) and her owner Caroline Benzel started frequenting the wards of the University of Maryland. Since she was a second-year medical student, she had the freedom to take her therapy dog through the patients, where they would be enjoying her company. But soon after the pandemic hit hard, she came back home because the university had to be shut down. What it resulted in was weeks of boredom before Benzel decided to use her therapy dog for a novel purpose. 

Initially, Benzel and Loki used to video call the patients, and try to relieve their pain over the Internet. But soon she realized that this wasn’t enough, as health workers didn’t have the proper PPE kit, or were suffering from its scarcity. Also, due to the apparel worn by the health workers was 24 x 7, they started getting rashes, or infections. Needless to say, this was taking a toll. 

This is when the second-year student decided to ask her followers on social media to start donating hydrating, and moisturizing kits, that would then be sent to the health workers. Her followers responded accordingly, and soon they had boxes of tea, chewing gum, chapsticks, moisturizers, and other essentials. 

The ‘hero healing kit’ as Caroline calls it, started receiving immense donations from people round the state, with her Amazon Wishlist getting filled with healing essentials. According to her last post, they had received almost 1400 complete healing kits, and close to 1600 incomplete kits. And what’s more- people in other cities too have decided to take it upon themselves to give something back to the people who are endangering themselves. 

Benzel and her therapy dogtor would be providing the healing kits to 4 major hospitals. But interestingly, these services have been launched in other states such as New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and other parts of the country. 

As Benzel announces, the main part of the entire project wasn’t just to provide first responders or health workers with kits, but also to encourage others to start it. When enough people have given their support and encouragement to these health workers, they would be heartened to know that they have the backing of the entire nation. 

Let’s wish Caroline Benzel and her therapy dogtor all the very best for their humanitarian endeavor. 

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