Neighbourhood Kids Create Thank You Posters For Garbage Collectors & They Receive A Note Of Gratitude Back

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Neighbourhood Kids Create Thank You Posters For Garbage Collectors & They Receive A Note Of Gratitude Back

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In times of crisis, the slightest display of compassion can revive the spirit of humanity. In Houston, Texas, some garbage disposal workers were welcomed by a neighborhood with messages of gratitude. On the 30th of March, Doreen Lorenz and her children were expressing their gratitude towards these essential workers. They had giant ‘Thank You’ signs and huge smiles on their faces 

Lorenz wasn’t the only resident of Spring Creek Oaks to display her gratitude towards the waste management workers. In fact, she got to know about this from her neighbor’s Facebook page. The residents were planning a mass gratitude event for one of the few groups of people braving the virus to work every single day. 

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True Expression of Gratitude

Some decorated their pavements, some offered them food, water, and even money. Lorenz provided a box of Girl Scout cookies to the workers to express her gratitude. Another resident, Ghazala Siddiqi, decided to leave bottles of Gatorade and candy, along with a ‘Thank You’ message. 

Siddiqi, previously working with the United Nations, was the first to think about this plan. Since her work with the UN showed her the importance of urban waste workers, she decided to show them her gratitude for the risky job they were doing in this crisis. She believes that the waste workers are actually the frontline in the war against the coronavirus. 

With all the waste that gets disposed of in households, it is important to show our gratitude to these people. They risk their lives to make sure that the environment is not polluted, something extremely important in these troubling times. After she posted the message on Facebook urging her neighbors to do something for these people, the response was quite encouraging. A lot of her neighbors decided to come out and plan the event. They took to decorating their pavements- showing their appreciation for all the work the waste management workers were doing. 

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A Local Party In Houston

Lorenz’s children were overtly happy at the chance to do something exciting. Even if it meant painting their driveway to say ‘Thanks’. And even her youngest son joined in the fray- having made friends with the workers before. Lorenz mentioned how the RRRTx workers actually took care of the families they serve. This, in turn, helped them develop a bond with the customers.

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The GM of RRRTx. Russell Wolff spoke about how risky the job was for the workers. They collect waste from every household, amongst which a few could also be infected. This made it necessary for everyone involved- the workers and the families- to make sure that all the garbage was neatly wrapped in garbage bags, so no one came in contact with anything. He also praised his workers. He commended them for doing their jobs even when it was scorching hot or exceedingly cold. 

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But while they did their best to appreciate the workers, true gratitude can only come from someone who has felt your services. This made it all the more important for customers to show their appreciation and gratitude, for that meant something genuine. 

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