Customer Leaves Entire $1,200 Stimulus Check As Generous Tip for Family-Owned Restaurant

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Customer Leaves Entire $1,200 Stimulus Check As Generous Tip for Family-Owned Restaurant

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Times have been very hard for local businesses since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have a similar story about a local restaurant, but it has a happy ending. Small businesses, who don’t have many chains or corporate back up to withstand the crushing economic blow, are struggling hard to survive. 

Many businesses are adopting alternative ways of surviving these tough times. Businesses who are not capable of doing this are solely relying on the goodwill of their loyal and regular customers. Like so, this regular customer came as a blessing to this local Arkansas steakhouse. 

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Since local restaurants depend on huge crowds to earn their livelihood, the social distancing guidelines have been pretty hard on them. Thankfully for this Arkansas steakhouse, a regular customer left a tip of $1,200. The $1,200 bill comes as a huge relief to the steakhouse owners as the place had been struggling to even make their bare minimum. 

With the various restrictions, many people have decided that it’s better to stay at home than go out. In this atmosphere, even keeping the restaurant open, without any customers, is like voluntarily taking a loss. Despite all the challenges, this Arkansas steakhouse decides that they would remain open. After all, this is their livelihood. 

Local Restaurant Survives Through Customer’s Generosity

The local restaurant is located in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. They have been operating three days out of the seven in a week with a bare minimum number of four essential workers. The place is not open for dine-in but is taking orders for curbside pick-up. 

Recently, they were hit by a happy surprise when a regular customer came to visit them. The restaurant owners could not believe their eyes when he took his order and left a tip of $1,200. As reported by media sources, the hefty amount was the entirety of the customer’s stimulus check. The money was part of the federal government’s efforts to ease the struggles of local businesses during this pandemic. 

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In an interview with KARK News, Allison Hall, owner of the Colonial Steakhouse said that everyone started tearing up and praying to God as soon as they saw the generous tip. He added that the restaurant staffers were all in real need of financial support. And this hefty sum came as a huge relief to all of them. 

Hall further added that the pandemic has served them a heavy blow, but they were still eager to come back up and reopen as soon as possible. 

Till then, he added, they were extremely grateful for the love and support their customers were showing them. 

Image Credit: KARK News

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