3D-Printing Teen Makes Hundreds of Ingenious Devices to Alleviate Ear Pain for Healthcare Workers Wearing Masks

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3D-Printing Teen Makes Hundreds of Ingenious Devices to Alleviate Ear Pain for Healthcare Workers Wearing Masks

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Face masks have become the new normal. What has also become normal along with it, is the pain behind one’s ear, when wearing the face mask constantly. This pain is not something that everyone is suffering. Essential workers, who have to be outdoors, during this pandemic are the ones feeling this constant burden. Thankfully for them, the 3-D printing teen from Canada has just come up with an amazing device that will help take away the pain. 

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The 12 years old, Quinn Callander, noticed the problem after his parents’ friends from a hospital complained of the issue. The medical staffers just needed something that would bear the pull of the elastics in the face mask. 

In no time, Quinn came up with an ingenious design that holds the elastics of the face mask behind one’s head. This way, the pressure is removed from the ears, taking away the pain. 

The Ingenious Contraption Has Gone International 

The 12 years old Canadian boy researched online and came up with the most efficient contraption. He then 3D printed several dozens of the contraptions, which were later distributed to healthcare personnel in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. 

The 3-D printing teen from Canada has been working tirelessly ever since. He has gotten many requests and orders from many hospitals across the globe. Some countries, besides Canada, that he has parcelled his device to are Singapore, United States, and the United Kingdom. 

In an interview with Mail and The Globe, Heather Roney, Quinn’s mom said that they have been bombarded with requests for the device ever since the word got out. At the beginning of April, Heather had posted a photo of Quinn and the device, after which, the post had gone viral. 

She added that people told her that the device was incredibly simple, but the effectiveness of it is undeniable. The small device makes a huge difference in working comfortably. 

3-D Printing Teen Inspires Other 3-D Printing Enthusiasts

Since the news of this simple, but effective, contraption got out, the template for the design has been in high demand. Apparently, the design has been downloaded by at least 48,000 people. 

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3-D printing enthusiasts are fired up across the globe to help their local medical professionals. Not just that, but even big manufacturing enterprises have shown their interest in the design. Some companies have even challenged their rival businesses to remake the design. 

Quinn says that this is not the end of the road for him. He told news sources that he was willing to make as much as is needed by the medical workers. 

This 3-D printing teen has shown that small things matter. 

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