Girl Scouts Assembled 120 Self-Care Kits To Provide Healthcare Professionals With Tokens Of Gratitude & Appreciation For Their Work During The Covid-19 Crisis.

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Girl Scouts Assembled 120 Self-Care Kits To Provide Healthcare Professionals With Tokens Of Gratitude & Appreciation For Their Work During The Covid-19 Crisis.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted all of us, especially frontline hospital workers. With the growing numbers of positive cases, the medical professionals’ working hours keep growing as well. And so, to show their appreciation, a Girl Scout Troop From Ladera Ranch has decided to send self-care kits to these hard-working medical professionals. 

The Orange County Troop 3743 is spreading positivity and working smartly. To make sure that no pandemic restrictions were violated, they are coordinating with Lyft to make a contactless delivery. This way, none of the parties involved are put at risk. 

girl scout with self-care kits

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The initiative for the delivery of self-care kits was planned, but it could not have been possible without a proper delivery system. The Girl Scouts had contacted several companies for help. Out of which, Lyft agreed to help them for free. 

The self-care kits are all lovingly put together. The total number of kits in the first batch was 120. The kit includes various items that have been donated. The collected items include bath bombs, face masks, candles, stress balls, essential oils, protein bars, energy drinks, chocolates, coloring and meditation books, and Girl Scout cookies. The Girl Scouts planned everything out online, through ZOOM, and prepared the kits from their own homes. 

self-care kits

The contactless deliveries started on 15th April as Lyft delivered every single package to several medical professionals’ houses. 

Self-Care Kits Delivery Part Of Lyft’s LyftUp Initiative

The collaboration between Girl Scout Troop from Orange County and Lyft is a one-time initiative. The national Girl Scout of USA has not partnered with Lyft, but the particular troop numbered 3743. 

Lyft has raised their efforts in helping their drivers and those who need essential transportation. This collaboration of Girl Scouts is a small part of LyftUp. The company has also collaborated with various non-profit groups and local government bodies to organize the distribution of essential products. 

The company is also updating its guidelines frequently to protect its drivers as well as riders. 

General Manager of Lyft in Southern California, Hao Meng, said that they were inspired by the creativity and generosity the young girls showed. He added that the company was happy to lend a helping hand in this act of kindness. 

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The Girl Scouts organization started with Juliette Gordon about a 100 years ago. She believed that every single girl had the potential to bring about change. The Orange County Girl Scouts stand strong at 33,000 members. Out of which, 20,000 are young girls and 13,000 are adults. Any girl from the Orange County zip code area can apply to the Girl Scout Troop. To apply, one can click on 

By delivering self-care kits, the Girl Scout Troop has strengthened the front-line workers’ resilience and perseverance. 

All images: Girl Scouts of Orange County

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