Kind 8-Year-Old Finds A $100 Bill & Returns It To Owner Who Is 86-Year-Old Man Living On A Fixed Income

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Kind 8-Year-Old Finds A $100 Bill & Returns It To Owner Who Is 86-Year-Old Man Living On A Fixed Income

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Integrity and honesty know no age. We all know that learning starts early, but this 8 years old boy just proved it. In a story of honesty, coming from Louisiana, Jaron Johnson returned a $100 bill to an 86 years old man. 

James Grice, the 86 years old man living on a fixed income, went for his regular grocery shopping at Walmart. Once he got everything on his list, he found out that he had lost his $100 bill. Unfortunately, he could not pay for his groceries. 

Now, for the good part of the story, Jaron was walking with his mother in the store when he noticed the fallen bill. As reported by his mother, as soon as Jaron saw the $100 bill, he decided that it needed to be returned to its rightful owner. 

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In an interview with, Jodie Johnson, the 8 years old boy’s mother, said that Jaron was walking a little behind her when this happened. He tucked his mother from behind and showed her the money. Jaron asked the mother if they could give it to the Walmart store employees so that it could be returned. 

8 Years Old Boy Rewarded For His Honesty 

Jodie Johnson revealed that at first, she was a little skeptical about returning that big a sum to the store staffers. Since the amount was huge, anyone could have pocketed it. She added that she told her son to wait a little while. 

Nonetheless, she revealed that she was super proud of her son’s ethical behavior. 

8 years old boy

The next day, as soon as Jaron woke up, he called in his mother to report the cash found. The mother and son duo called the Walmart store in Pineville to check if anyone had reported anything lost. However, they did not reveal what they had found. Instead, they just inquired and left their number with the store, in case anyone came to reclaim something lost. 

Within a few hours, Jodie Johnson’s phone rang and the 86 years old man’s daughter spoke with her. James Grice’s daughter said that he dropped his $100 bill in the store while shopping for groceries. Grice’s daughter further revealed that Grice had lost all hope of ever finding his money. He had said that he left the issue to God. 

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After receiving the call, Jodie immediately set up a meeting between them. She said that she wanted the experience to be a learning moment for her son. 

Later that week, the 8 years old boy met the 86 years old man. Since Grice depended on his fixed income, getting the money back was a relief for him. The 86 years old man was grateful that he gave Jaron a $20 bill as a reward. 

Jodie further revealed that Jaron had always been compassionate and kind to other people. Looks like good deeds always come back around. 

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