Mother-Daughter Duo Deliver Free Baked Goods To Friends And Family

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Mother-Daughter Duo Deliver Free Baked Goods To Friends And Family

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The coronavirus pandemic has put a sudden stop to the world. As everyone stays at home, people are realizing that not everyone can have the same comfort at home. Due to the stay at home orders, many are losing a lot. From small things like school functions to big things like losing jobs, the pandemic has shattered many lives. But the silver lining amongst all of this is that people are always capable of kindness. And this is exactly what this mother-daughter duo is proving by delivering free baked goods to their friends and family. 

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In an effort to stay active, and at the same time, give to the community, this Canfield mother-daughter duo started this selfless service. Their names are Patty Moliterbi and Melissa Moliterno. They have always been interested in baking, and the government-mandated lockdowns just gave them more time to bake. 

Mother-Daughter Duo From Canfield Embody Compassion 

In this incredible act of kindness, the mother-daughter duo has taken it upon themselves to spread positivity and joy. Stories like this are remarkable and really important as they show us the often-lost humanity is us. 

Every morning, they wake up and decide what they want to bake. Each baked good has a special uniqueness to it. Not to mention, they are totally delicious. On top of that, these are all for free, and they get delivered!

The pair revealed that they check their Facebook accounts every day to decide whom to deliver their delicious baked goods. These residents of Canfield are absolutely lovable with those fresh-baked products. 

While talking to 27 First News WKBN, the duo said that delivering baked goods was just one way for them to spread positivity. Melissa Moliterno said that an act of compassion and kindness can make a huge difference in a person’s life. And we absolutely agree with her!

A Rise In Acts Of Kindness During The Pandemic

Since the pandemic struck us early last year, no one could have predicted the wide-scale impact that was to hit us in the coming weeks. The social and economical devastation this pandemic has caused is immeasurable in our times. The good thing about all this is that people are stepping up to help their community. 

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A couple of brothers from Texas collected yarmulkes to make face masks for homeless people. Recent news has also revealed that an anonymous donor has donated $1 million to a hospital in Santa Cruz. In such small and big gestures, people are coming together as a harmonious community. 

Melissa further revealed that the most important thing during a time like this was to show people that they were loved and cared for. She added that this delivery of free baked goods, for them, was sort of like an act of blessing other people. 

Image Credits:  27 First News

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