Anonymous Donor Gives $1 Million Gift To Hospital So It Can Be Divided Between Every Single Employee

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Anonymous Donor Gives $1 Million Gift To Hospital So It Can Be Divided Between Every Single Employee

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A hospital in Santa Cruz, California, received an anonymous gift of $1 million. The staff members were elated as the only request this anonymous donor had was that money should be divided among the staff members of the hospital. 

Dignity Health Dominican Hospital received that donation in early May. The anonymous donor highlighted the strength and perseverance of the front line workers. The donation worth $1 million came with a note that thanked the hospital employees for staying late and working tirelessly for the community’s health and well being. The note added that the kindness that the hospital employees showed was what made them heroes. 

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Following the anonymous donor’s request, all the hospital employees, who have been working there for a year, will receive a portion of the generous gift. Everyone, from lab technicians, security guards, mailroom staffers, to the janitors, will avail of the benefits.

Anonymous Donor Wants Every Hospital Staff To Receive Money 

A bonus check of $800 will be given to the full-time staffers. Meanwhile, part-time staffers will receive a bonus check of $600. 

The news came as a happy surprise to the hospital employees as they have been working day and night fighting the pandemic. COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every single aspect of our life. But, for the front line workers, it has meant a greater risk to their and their family’s life. 

In an interview with The Associated Press, Amy Loudon, the nursing supervisor in the hospital, said that doctors and nurses do deserve praise. But what’s more important, she added, is the unseen workers who work behind the scenes. Those workers include cleaners, delivery people, and technicians. She further said that the functioning of a hospital depends on the working of a team. She also expressed gratitude that the entire team was receiving the gift. 

Donation Comes Amidst Months Of Tireless Work

The president of Dignity Health Dominican Hospital, Dr. Nanette Mickiewicz, told media sources that the anonymous donation was a testament to the hospital’s excellence and the front line workers’ unfaltering dedication. 

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While the name of the donor remains undisclosed, the hospital revealed that the charitable person lives in the area. 

The Santa Cruz hospital currently employs around 1,300 staff members. Many of the staff members expressed their gratitude to the anonymous donor. 

Cesario Castillo, the 61 years old hospital lead housekeeper, said that the generous surprise has amazed him. Castillo revealed that he has been working in the hospital for over 28 years now. He further said that he intends to donate a significant portion of his bonus to the people who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. 

Image Credit: Dominican Hospital

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