Jewish Brothers Collect Yarmulkes to Make Face Masks For Houston’s Homeless

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Jewish Brothers Collect Yarmulkes to Make Face Masks For Houston’s Homeless

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Jewish brothers from Texas recently made news after they decided to collect traditional Jewish skull caps and turned them into face masks for Houston’s homeless. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every single person across the world, but homeless people have been working particularly hit hard. Keeping this in mind, Jeremy and Matthew Jason decided to tackle the shortage of face masks in a creative way. The Texan brothers were already volunteering with a group based in downtown Houston that give free food to the homeless.  

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Matthew Jason, in an interview with CNN, said that he and his brother had a huge collection of yarmulkes. He added that they collected them over several religious occasions. Matthew further added that, given the situation, they thought it was best to make these caps useful. 

Free Face Masks Made Of Skull Caps

Even the synagogue got involved in this kind endeavor. The youngest brother belongs to the Brith Shalom congregation. He made the initiative to seek the congregation’s help. The synagogue agreed, and now, they have a campaign called ‘Kippahs to the Rescue.’ A yarmulke is called a kippah in Hebrew. 

brothers making face masks

Matthew told media sources that they succeeded in collecting so many skull caps that they were able to stitch 160 protective face masks within a week. He added that his brothers and parents all worked tirelessly to sew face masks out of the yarmulkes. He further said that people reacted in a very positive manner and that just helping out makes them feel happy. 

The Brith Shalom congregation is still involved with the campaign. To date, the Jason family has successfully collected over 693 skull caps. Out of which, they have made around 316 face masks. 

Jason Family Involved In Other Charitable Works Too

The Texan activist hopes that people will get inspired by this campaign and follow suit. He says that everyone who would like to help can easily sew an elastic strip at both ends of the cap. The elastic strap will go behind a person’s ear. Matthew is encouraging people to take up the initiative in their local communities. 

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This is not the only charitable initiative the Jason family has been involved in. Matthew, a sophomore in Awry International School, has been active in such kind acts for many years now. He is also responsible for launching Street Birthdays, an initiative that celebrates homeless people’s birthdays. He took up this work as his Bar Mitzvah celebrations. Matthew gets a cake and some candles to the homeless shelter each month to celebrate whoever was born in that month. 

During these stressful times of the global pandemic, these Texan brothers are inspiring kindness and compassion by making face masks for the needy. 

Image Credit: Matthew Jason

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