Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows; it empties today of its strength.

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Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows; it empties today of its strength.

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Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows; it empties today of its strength.


Worrying is not classified as a disease, but according to research conducted over the years has proven that if you don’t stop worrying, it can certainly lead to your death. And, yes, you heard that right, worrying can cause death. It is because worrying and stress lead to numerous diseases, including osteoporosis, diabetes, coronary heart diseases, anxiety, depression, panic disorders, and more. The only thing you can achieve by worrying too much is nothing. It would worsen the quality of your life and make it difficult to live with yourself as you are constantly gripped in fear, insecurity, stress, and anxiety.

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What has to happen will happen, and while you can try your best to do things the right way, not everything would always go according to the plan. It is what it is, and one should learn to accept reality and go with the flow. If you stress yourself out too much over small things as much as the big things, ask yourself what is the end of it? With such an attitude and thought process, it is impossible to live in the moment as you always fear tomorrow and your future.

Try to improve your today and your tomorrow will continue to get better with time by itself. Don’t take life so seriously that you forget to live it the way it is meant to be. You only live once, and while it is important to set goals, work hard, be grateful, and run after success – it is equally important to accept you are a human being, and you will make mistakes and fail at times.

Worry not only defeats you mentally but also impacts your mental health negatively. When you make worrying about your habit, it gives rise to many physical and mental health disorders. Often when you feel too fatigued, headache, lack of energy, frustration, irritation, and stress, it is primarily because of over-worrying. It is rightly said that one of the biggest mistakes we make in life is fear and insecurity about the fact that we will make one.

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You do not have to burden yourself with predictions and assumptions of what the future holds in stock for you. Go with the flow and try to make the most of now rather than worrying about tomorrow that is yet to come. When you take care of today, tomorrow is taken care of by itself.

You cannot attach yourself to your worries so much that it becomes your second nature. You have to learn to let go because it is continually draining you of your mental health and strength. It will weaken you from inside by overwhelming you with fear, anxiety, and insecurities. It will handicap you in pursuing your dreams and reaching your goals. The fear of failure will make you worry so much that you’ll not even dare to begin. What is the use of such a life where your worries kill you every day.

We cannot predict or control the future, but we can certainly work hard to shape it the way we want to. It may or may not work out the way you plan, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try. History has taught us that hard work, patience, and determination always pay. So, do what is known and continue to work hard towards your dreams and visions without letting the fear of failure or making mistakes bother you.

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Don’t let negativity kill your dreams silently. Fight your insecurities by facing your fears head-on. The best way to do it is by doing things you’re afraid of without looking back. Ask for help if it’s necessary, but don’t let fear control you. When you’re not afraid of failures or making mistakes, nothing can worry you because you find success in failure as well. It is because we never actually lose if we learn from our mistakes and failures. It not only teaches us a lot but also strengthens and prepares us for tomorrow.


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