Tiger Woods Delivers A Heartfelt Message To A Young Cancer Patient To Inspire Him

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Tiger Woods Delivers A Heartfelt Message To A Young Cancer Patient To Inspire Him

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How does it feel to have Cancer? Some of us perhaps know more about it than others do. Some might be completely oblivious about it but they can sympathize. But that’s the problem with this kind of disease. It tends to isolate the afflicted. Many of us would not know how it feels like to have Cancer and while we may empathize, we feel really helpless when any loved one is afflicted by this terrible disease. It becomes worst for those who have gone too far in the stages of Cancer. They are always questioning their time – imagining where the hands of the clock would be when they give away their last breath. On the other hand, there are those who are taking care of them – faced with the terrible thought of seeing their friend – their family – die in front of them. It’s beyond imaginable what suffering these two face every single day.

And yet, out of the terrible suffering, these people still get the will to fight on. How do they do it – is a question only they could answer. Maybe it’s magic. But we can add to that magic too. Because, even with all the magic of self-motivation, there is always a need to find a bit of inspiration from outside.

And just before the Masters Tournament, Tiger Woods brought that much-needed magic in the life of Daniel Meggs, a young man who is battling through cancer. Tiger Woods, the legendary golfer who has defined the face of golf, had his mind all set to win his fifth green jacket. But before that, he had one small task to do. As a favor to his friend, Harold Varner III, Woods made an inspirational video while he was present in Augusta, Ga.. Meggs was suffering from Stage 4 Colon Cancer. And yes, even though the outcomes of such an advanced stage is often depressing, Woods was not willing to give up on Meggs. He made a video where he cheered Meggs. He told him to keep fighting, to stay as strong as he could. He is an inspiration for every one of us. Never lose hope.

Finally, he ended with a real concern, “Take care, dude.”

When the video got published, Varner found it difficult to control his emotions. He has known Meggs since he was just ten years old. They played junior golf together. They remained in touch for a long time. Meggs had won the Arnold Palmer scholarship and then, he went out to become a PGA teaching professional. But two years ago, the news of his cancer broke Varner.

Years ago, when Varner tried to get Woods signature, he got his Heisman stiff-arm. He made the request for the video a few weeks before the Master Tournament and Woods gracefully accepted.

Once the video was put out, Meggs called Varner and told him that now he could die in peace. He joked about it but now, he had experienced everything. The joy and sadness of an idol cheering you up is something out of this world.

Meggs believed that the Masters would turn out to be great for Woods. Also, he had his 29th birthday on that day too. And it was good for Tiger Woods too. He won his fifth Masters and 15th major.

But for Varner, it didn’t matter whether Woods won or not. But when he eventually did, he called him up and both of them cried. It was something special that took place that day. No one can express what happened in the right words.

In the end, Varner understood what kind of a man Tiger Woods was. He was someone genuine – someone worth becoming a legend. After winning, Woods could have easily put down the phone. He could have easily shouted. But no – he waited, he stayed, paused, with the phone running. The silent breathing meant a lot. For both.

For Meggs, it was a lucky week too. He told WCNC that he had received a hat from Rickie Fowler, a call from Jack Nicklaus and the famous video from Tiger Woods. It was triple trouble that Meggs never expected.

Varner, himself, would like to become an inspiration for the children in his locality, Gastonia, N.C. He is into charity and that has at least brought him a lot of fans. But somehow, his game has come down a bit. He missed 4 cuts in his last 7 starts and ended up with a tie in the 23rd place. It was said that he would pair up with Woods but Woods declined to play that week. However, Varner remains hopeful. He believes good things will come to him soon enough.

For now, he would follow the advice of Woods. Woods once said that playing golf is almost like reading an interesting book while the TV is on. Your mind has to be focused on what’s necessary.

An apt inspiration no doubt. It would help Varner as he contends for the PGA tour title.

But not only is this inspiration suitable for Varner but for all of us, don’t you think?

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