This Wonderful Group Delivers Love Bags To Inspire Cancer Patients

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This Wonderful Group Delivers Love Bags To Inspire Cancer Patients

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The Big C – Cancer is turning out to be one of those diseases which can bring the doom of the world. Remember, the Black Plague that wiped off half of Europe back in the 1300s. Well, Cancer is turning out to be something of that sort. It is a disease that is now attacking the entire globe. Estimates suggest that the incidences of cancer might double by 2050. It is truly a catastrophe.

But while we are reading up on the different cancer stories, out there in the cancer hospitals, there are actual people struggling through this terrible disease. They have no one to talk to – their struggle is their very own. On top of that, they have to face the issue of their mortality. Will they survive? When are they going to take their last breath? Will it be really painful? You cannot ever be mentally prepared for cancer. Just like you can never be mentally prepared for death. It will come suddenly and surprise you.

Also, there are those who have a loved one who is battling through the disease. Even they go through a severe torment. There is hope but it keeps fading. When will their loved one suddenly leave them? Will they survive? It’s like the flicker at the end of the tunnel which just keeps getting away from you as you move towards it. There is no end to it – to both hope and despair. Frankly, it can often get exhausting and frustrating. For both the cancer patient and the one who is taking care of them.

But it does not always have to be that way. Giving Hope and Help is a non-profit organization which believes in Hope. It believes that Hope is what keeps us alive. This time, the founder of the organization, Jessica McClellan, chose to visit the North Kansas City Hospital. Her objective: to deliver ‘love bags’ which will be full of toiletries and other inspirational items. If anybody needs these things the most, it is the cancer patients.

The gesture, according to Jessica, was not meant for anything other than to uplift both women and men. But most of all, it was meant to bring some form of meaning to the mothers in the hospital. That’s why the event was planned just around Mother’s Day



The terrible thing that these patients had to face was during Mother’s Day. People would come to visit them and try to uplift them, but they have to face the fact that they can’t leave the hospital. Even on such a special day. That’s why McClellan brought inspiration from the outside to the inside. She wanted every patient to know that they weren’t abandoned. There was someone who cared for them. ‘

In the morning, there was an unexpected knock on the door of the patients. Who knew what surprise awaited them!

The experience of one of the patients of the Hospital, Mary Jane Johnson, is truly remarkable. When she received the Love Bag, she became ecstatic. It made her feel that she was actually very special. Not only that, but the inspirational items also worked its magic. When she saw all the love that was packed in the love bag, she got enough strength to go through another day. She knew that she could make it if she tried. She can beat cancer.

For that day, she turned out to be a true victor.

The bags are filled with many things: toiletries, scarves and a lot of inspirational notes that would bring tears and confidence back to any person who reads them. Cancer patients definitely need them.

And while the event was out of the world, McClellan knew how to handle herself and everyone else in the unit. She had delivered Love Bags before too. She started the entire thing in honor of her niece. She persisted on even after five years. Yes, her niece may have left, but there were others who needed the boost.

Her niece was named Tierra. She had been fighting lymphoma for about six years. Even on holidays, she was found in the hospital. It was terrible for her. But whenever the Love Bags event turned up, she transformed. A smile stuck to her face. She loved the concept. It made her feel like she really mattered.

McClellan makes sure that her entire organization prays for the patients’ health as well. It was a simple act of giving something in return – a prayer in good health. For everyone.

You can always join or volunteer for this wonderful organization. Go to to get more information. If you want, you can also go to donate. Every proceeds that this organization received is channeled to the American Cancer Society.

Cancer needs all our help and inspiration. We could do more for the survivors. For us.

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