Teacher And Mother Battling Breast Cancer Wins $100,000 For Her School

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Teacher And Mother Battling Breast Cancer Wins $100,000 For Her School

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The children of a country are the future of the nation. So, the teachers that teach the children hold an extremely important and vital position. But the instances of bad teachers across the planet has definitely tainted the overall image of teachers in general. But this one teacher from Bronx is showing the world otherwise.

Nicole Conlisk is a teacher from Bronx taught math to her pupils at One World Trade Middle School. She has been in the teaching industry for quite a few years. She was inspired to get a mammogram after attending a workshop for Breast Cancer Awareness at her school. In the month of November, 2018, the doctor found a lump after her checkup.

Her husband, who is an FDNY firefighter and Nicole were caught absolutely off-guard. The couple had something completely different in their mind. She was 7 months pregnant and was expecting to deliver twin girls at the time. But the Stage 3 cancer diagnosis certainly did not let her spirit die. As per Nicole, life had just dealt a card and all there was to do is just push through.

Nicole, who is 33-years-old gave birth to twins Jordyn and Peyton a few months ago this year. She also says that her twins provided her the strength she needed to make through the two months prior to their birth. The breast cancer that she was diagnosed with was very aggressive, and the need for treatment was very urgent.

She had to stop teaching though, in order to undergo all the medical treatments that were necessary to mitigate her breast cancer. In addition to that, she did have to spend time with her newborn kids and her older son, Jason.

Although Nicole had to quit her job, her pupils showered her with their endless support. They kept enquiring as to when she would be back and if she could be back before the year ended.

Nicole faced a rather long list of medical procedures and treatments. She and her spouse were also unable to take a vacation with their kids due to the heavy expenditure of her treatment. But in spite of the strain that is bound to take a toll on anyone, she nominated herself for a giveaway.

She was intimated about the contest by another teacher. Nicole nominated herself in the bid to win a Norwegian Cruise prize. The contest gave 15 worthy teachers an opportunity to get a free 7-day cruise and also a grand prize of $25,000 for the school.

Incredibly enough, Nicole won the contest! Her story was chosen from thousands of other stories about teacher all across the United States and Canada. To add to that feat, the contest sponsors were moved by her story and donated 4 times the amount! She ended up receiving $100,000 for One World Middle School.

Nicole still has to undergo surgery and more rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. She wishes to go back to teaching by the end of this year and hopefully, by September itself.

Her story is quite an inspiring one which makes us respect teachers just that much more than we already do. We hope her story inspires people to seek more breast cancer awareness and also appreciate our hard-working teachers.

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