Guide To Develop Your Own Routine To Be Inspired Always

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Guide To Develop Your Own Routine To Be Inspired Always

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It’s not easy to be inspired all the time. We understand that. You can’t always keep your adrenaline charged up throughout the day. Sometimes, you don’t always have that mindset to keep chugging on. Sometimes you need a rest from motivation too. You may not want to rest, but somehow it feels impossible to keep up with that level of inspiration.

The thing is – it’s not impossible at all. All you need is discipline – a consistent routine that will keep you active and inspired all the time. Our brain is special. It creates patterns – chemical patterns – when it becomes habituated to something. Addiction works a bit like that. Your brain gets happy from something once. You try it twice. Three more times. And a pattern is created. Now you are habituated to it. Your brain cannot do without that ‘thing’ you are addicted to.

So, all you need to do is hardwire your brain in such a way that you become addicted to your routine. Nothing can stop you after that.

But first, you need to relax and understand how you can develop a proper routine to be inspired. To be really productive, you need to make everything you do yield some kind of reward. Anything you do must have some positive aspect to it – some return that will reassure you that you were destined to do it. Positive reaffirmation is what you need. Clear out any doubts that you have about yourself.

Here are some of the ways in which you can develop your own routine to remain inspired:

  1. Meditate. It’s always the best way to start off your day. Clear up your mind. Find a quiet place and let your mind get cleaned out of every thought.
  2. You are alone now. You are in a safe place. What you are thinking? Let positive thoughts rule your mind. Your first kiss – maybe the first night spent with your wife. Think about your friends and your accomplishments. Think about love. Try to think of yourself as someone standing on a podium and guiding a whole crowd of people – the Broadway audience. You are a winner and now people are looking at you for guidance. Fill up that winner shoes.
  3. Make a journal of all your positive thoughts. Don’t be afraid to look at it from time to time. Be it your school day or work day – take the journal with you. Whenever the going gets tough, just pull it out and read up. Before you go to bed, glance through them. Let your mind get restarted. You will wake up with that positivity that you lodged inside your brain.
  4. Bring your spirits up whenever you are tired. As we said, we understand that you need rest. You work hard enough already. Take a walk – a change of setting is all it takes to revitalize your mind. Breathe in the fresh air of nature. Bring yourself back on track – you are full of energy now. Start running.
  5. Be optimistic – but do not be too optimistic. Yes, you can get a great outcome but only if you have put in the greatest effort you can. Have you done it? Never let your expectations exceed the effort you put in. If you want great things, work hard for it. False expectations will only breed disappointments. Focus and try to make things work for you – according to your capacity.

Case Study

Kevin is currently a broadcast journalist on ESPN. But his success was not an accident. Kevin was someone who knew what he wanted to become when he was just in his eighth standard. He took up the intercom in middle school. He did not fare badly in sports too. Using his basketball skills, Kevin became an athletic scholar in college. He went to school under one of the top Radio & TV programs present in the US. But that did not mean that Kevin will get a chance in national TV once he came out of college. At first, he spent nine years in regional TV stations. The money was low, and he had thoughts of quitting. Hard work did not equal good pay. But he kept the posters of his inspirational heroes around him and believed in himself. He heard success stories and saw that one day, his would be another one in print. He never stopped hoping for the best.

In 2006, the famous WBCS radio in New York called him. Then, he was in WCBS-TV in 2007. By 2008, ESPN had bagged him. His dream was finally true. It was a long journey of despair and exhaustion but he made it through. Just because he believed in himself.

What About You?

Kevin was special. He knew what he wanted to do at a very young age. Few people know what they want to do even when they are out of college. But that’s ok. We all have our own pace of learning. Ask yourself – be aware of your own self. What are the doubts you are going through? Where do you feel blocked? What battles do you fight inside? Finally, how do you see yourself walking down a specific path? We are all stories waiting to be unfolded. Don’t underestimate yours.

You have come a long path – all of us have. We have still a long path to go. Maybe for some of us, the path is crowded like a New York City rush hour. Or maybe it’s as calm as the Pacific Coast Highway. That’s why we have different speeds. But all our journeys are magical. You may be someone paving your own path. That’s how winners are born. Just remember – keep your fire fueled. Be constructive – be powerful. Remain inspired.

Your destiny lies in your own hands. No idea is shameful. No idea can ever die. Only ideas which do not have a flame to keep it visible drowns in the shadow. Don’t let your ideas darken. Let it feed on light.

Do the impossible. Speak out. Follow a routine to get inspired. Get control of your life. Because you know you are capable of it. Own your world.

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