As long as I can handle the pain, I’ll keep saying I am okay.

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As long as I can handle the pain, I’ll keep saying I am okay.

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As long as I can handle the pain, I’ll keep saying I am okay.

Life as we know it isn’t easy, and we will often come across a junction in life when we are overwhelmed with pain. It can be the pain of suffering from the loss of a loved one, the pain of failing, pain of heartbreak, pain of broken relationships, and so on. However, always remember one thing; whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. 

One of the biggest problems we face as human beings are that we take life too seriously. It is this notion that amplifies our pain to the magnitude that is unbearable, but which, in reality, isn’t that big. There are times in our lives when we look back and laugh at our responses to various events. It is because we grow with time and understand how to control our emotions and balance our lives according to situations and circumstances through learned experiences.

Don’t give up too easily

It is a given that you would face difficulties and challenges in your life. No one has it easy, and there would be times when you would want to give up. The pain would be unbearable, and the heart would be beating too fast. Once you start giving up, it becomes a habit.

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Similarly, when you start taking the challenges head-on and don’t fear adverse situations, it becomes a habit. You become numb to the pain that you suffer on your journey because you know the destination would be worth it. Once you know the pain is just another roadblock on your way, you don’t distract yourself and continue on your chosen path.

Bigger the pain, sweeter the fruits of success

If there is no struggle, sweat, hard work, and pain associated with your achievements in life, what makes it worth it? It is your struggle that makes winning so desirable and joyful. If it were that easy, everyone would be winning, isn’t it? The journey to success or to get what you want might take a toll on you, physically and mentally, and may put you through a lot of pain. However, it is this pain that continues to remind you who you are and inspires you throughout your life. The fruits of success always seem sweeter when you have worked hard and put in your honest effort. You forget all the pain of your journey when you reach the destination.


Not everyone is worth confiding in

We are surrounded by many different people in our day to day life, and not all of them are well-wishers. Some of them really want you to fail and wouldn’t mind if you are in pain while pretending they honestly care. Whether it is work, school, college, or even family, there are always a few people who secretly hate or dislike you, and thus, we need to be careful who we share our secrets with. You can’t confide your hurt, emotions, and feelings with people who secretly hate you or are mean because it would only make the situation worse for you.

It is why many people continue to live with a smile on their face while their hearts are crying out loud and looking for help. While bottling up your emotions is not always a good idea, it is smart to be cautious of who you share your emotions with. Don’t be the reason behind magnifying your pain.

It is okay to share

We always know who our real friends are and who you can count on. It is okay to say you’re okay as long as you feel that way, but if things do get out of control and you feel like you’re losing your mind, do share with your loved ones. Sharing your pain won’t reduce it but would certainly help you feel less anxious while giving you the strength to carry on. Don’t bottle up your emotions to the extent that it has to explode one day. It is okay to ask for help.

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