Only in the darkness can you see the stars.

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Only in the darkness can you see the stars.

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Only in the darkness can you see the stars. 

Adverse situations and difficult times in life help us identify our strengths and push our limits. It is during these challenging times that we come to realize who real friends are and who are not. Tough times in life teach us more than happy times. It is what builds our character and shapes our attitude. Some of the lessons learned during tough times make us wiser and helps us grow as human beings. How to stay patient, calm, and composed, during challenging times are some of the characteristics we learn during these times. We all have to give our tests at different times in our lives because it continues to add to our beliefs, value system, and experiences.

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Know your strength

There would be times when you would feel like hanging up your boots and just give up. However, when you remind yourself that it is not an option, it burns the fire of urgency in you. It is what unveils the strength in you that you never knew you had. God only makes you face times that He knows you can handle. Learn to be happy and know that everything is happening for its own good, and you’ll learn to take things more amicably. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and thus, challenging times are the litmus tests to renew yourself of strength, character, and redefined attitude. You continue to discover yourself as time passes as life is an ongoing learning process. Challenging times are an opportunity to test your limits and discover your true potential.

Test your limits

Never be afraid to test your limits, and rest assured, life would give you plenty of opportunities to do just that. Don’t give up before you try. Many people just give up in the face of difficulties and challenges, but it shouldn’t be like that. You just try because it is this continuous process of trial and error that eventually leads to success. Continue to push yourself no matter how difficult it may seem. Tough times would always try to suppress your strength, energy, and enthusiasm to move ahead. However, it is also during such times that you get to make a choice that leaves a legacy remembered forever.

dark times

Dark times help you see the light clearly

Tough times allow you to take a pause and retrospect and introspect. It helps you identify your strengths and weakness as well as provides you with the clarity you need to understand where you went wrong or what mistakes you made. Challenging times are like a silver lining in the cloud because it teaches us something we didn’t before. Learn to look at the brighter side, and you’ll realize there is a hidden meaning behind why you’re going through what you’re going through.

Often people make mistakes or fail, and it is such instances that change their lives forever. It is because they realize what they were doing wrong or how misguided they were earlier. Interpreting life is not easy at times because most of us are stubborn and not very flexible when it comes to our belief system. The dark times we face in our lives are experiences that help shape our lives by teaching us lessons and telling us facts we wouldn’t have agreed or believed any other way.

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Know people you can trust

One of the best things about facing dark times is that it plays the role of litmus test in identifying people who you can trust and who stand by you and the ones who wither away at first sight of crisis. It tells you about the people you can trust blindly and gives you an opportunity to narrow down your trusted circle. Dark times are not necessarily dark if you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It gives you hope and the courage to fight your fear and insecurities and shows you the path that leads you to your goals.

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