The Best Revenge is No Revenge. Move on. Be Happy.

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The Best Revenge is No Revenge. Move on. Be Happy.

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The Best Revenge is No Revenge. Move on. Be Happy.

In the journey of life, there would be people around you who would secretly want you to fail or would put roadblocks on the way. You have the option to confront these people and take revenge or simply keep on moving on your path to success to achieve your goals. Staying focused on what you want without giving much heed to negative people around you is the best way you can make use of your time. 

Such people envy your focus, determination, and abilities. They want to slow you down and would be happy to see you fail. It would infuriate you for sure, but don’t give in to the temptation of trying to take revenge from them. Do not waste time in negative activities and emotions such as revenge that would do no good to your life and your goals.

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Channelize energy in the right direction

Instead, channel that energy that is building up in you due to the action of negative people around you and their actions towards your goals. In this way, the actions of envious and negative people would propel you towards success. And, the closer you get to success, the more these people would be the envy of you.

So, you would be taking revenge of sorts without wasting a single second of your time on them. The higher you go in life, more and more people would be jealous of you and hate you, and sometimes for no particular reason but because of your position, success, and your happiness. It is impossible to keep everyone happy or make them love you.

Ignore negative people

The best way to deal with such people and their actions against you is to simply ignore them. Continue walking down the path you’ve chosen for yourself and be happy. When you don’t react to the activities and actions of negative people who want to hurt you or take away your smile, it infuriates them further.

move on from Revenge

Such people are not content with their lives because they have a negative habit of comparing their life with others constantly. It takes away gratitude from their heart and makes them unkind, which continues to fill them with negativity over time.

Choose happiness

Ask yourself, what will you get by confronting these people or taking revenge? Will it make you happy? Will it stop them from doing what they do in the future? Will it help you to achieve your life goals? The answer is no. You can never be happy by engaging in negative activities like fighting, confronting, hurting, revenge, and so on. It may give you a pretentious feeling of satisfaction momentarily, but it fades away and leaves you with guilt.

If it makes you happy, then what is the difference between you and the person you’re taking revenge from? Choose happiness, success, positivity, and prosperity over negativity and ignore the actions of people who don’t mean you well. Stay away from those people, ignore such people, or at least, keep a safe distance. They would automatically get a message and will stop interfering with your life.

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Move on

Irrespective of how much negative people try to throw challenges at you or put roadblocks on your way to success and happiness, keep on keeping on. Move on with sincerity, patience, and enthusiasm, without giving much thought to the negative people because they don’t deserve it. Forgive such people, and be grateful for everything you have in your life. Don’t stop for anyone and continue to move on your path with only love, hope, and gratitude in your heart. It will get difficult at times to avoid all the noise happening around you, but rest assured at the end of it all; it would be worth it.

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