When You are Angry, Be Silent. 

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When You are Angry, Be Silent. 

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When You are Angry, Be Silent. 

Anger will keep you as far away from peace as possible. More you incline towards the emotion of anger, further away, you will be from peace. However, we are all humans, and we feel a range of emotions, including anger. There are times in our lives that lead us to be angry, and the circumstances may justify feeling those emotions as well. It is crucial, though, to ensure that you have control over your emotions because when you are angry, you might say or do things that only lead to regret later on. 

We hurt our own and our loved ones when we are angry, and even if you apologize, later on, there is a part of you and a part of them that continues to hurt. Sometimes we say things that we do not mean when we are angry and full of rage, and it hurts others more than we can imagine. You cannot take back your words once spoken, and therefore, it is important to always think twice before speaking, and if you are angry, it is best just to remain silent.

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Silence speaks a thousand words

Sometimes even silence can convey a message that words cannot. There is a power in silence that helps you not only gain strength yourself when you are angry, but it allows you to retrospect. It is time you need to rethink and analyze the situation with a broader perspective. When you are mad and stay silent, it gives you time to rearrange and choose your words carefully the next time you discuss things with the person you are angry with.

It is essential not to let the emotion of anger overtake or overwhelm you in any form or way. If you are engulfed with anger and let it control you, there would be a stream of mistakes that you’ll do that will leave you with nothing but regrets later on.

dont be angry

Control your emotions

We should always be expressive and show our emotions to others without feeling vulnerable or embarrassed about it. We have a limited time on earth, and that is why hiding our feelings or suppressing it is not doing well to anyone. However, when I talk about showcasing our emotions, I am talking about positive feelings of happiness, love, compassion, humility, respect, kindness, and empathy.

When you are about to display negative emotions to anybody, whether it is a stranger or your loved one, always be careful of what you are saying or doing. Keeping your emotions in check when displaying negativity in any form is essential to ensure that you do not come across as someone you are not. It is because emotions like anger and hurt can sometimes make us do something that we otherwise don’t want to.

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Don’t complicate the situation further

In such situations, when you’re full of rage or anger, it is better to stay silent than to showcase the emotions that put you in an embarrassing situation in the future. It is because you’ll be misjudged and misinterpreted when you’re angry and say things that you may or may not necessarily mean. It would only lead to further complicating the situation and may make it irreversible, which is something you don’t want. Isn’t it?

Silence is one of the most underrated verbal weapons that you can have in a conversation. It is not the sign of weakness but showcases your courage and ability to ensure that your emotions don’t get better of you, which is often the case with most of us. It is essential to speak up at times as well. But, the onus is on you to know exactly when you draw that thin line that helps you decide when to speak up and when to stay silent.

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