There’s a Message in the Way a Person Treats You. Just Listen…

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There’s a Message in the Way a Person Treats You. Just Listen…

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There’s a Message in the Way a Person Treats You. Just Listen…

In today’s competitive world, when everyone is running a rat race to achieve success and fame, it isn’t very easy to like everyone and be liked by everyone. However, it won’t always be clear as to who really likes you and who doesn’t as most people are careful of whether to showcase their true feelings and emotions or not. Many people out there who pretend to like you may actually not. However, such negative emotions don’t remain secret forever as you can always feel the vibes coming from such people. If the vibes you are getting from someone isn’t necessarily positive and may even be hurtful, then it becomes quite clear over a period of time that there is more to the relationship than what meets the eye. 

Such tensions in the relationship, even if it is a casual or formal relationship, can be detected easily if you can carefully note and understand how the person treats you. There are many signals that clearly indicate love, compassion, respect, and similarly, there is a range of signals that indicates just the opposite. All you need to do is pick up these signals correctly, and you’ll uncover what the true intentions and emotions of the person on the other side are. It does need some training and conditioning as some people are very good at hiding their true emotions, but anything that is unnatural, always goes on to give a clue sooner or later.

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If someone’s love towards you is not pure and real, rest assured you’ll get to know about it in one way or the other. If someone doesn’t like you, the pretense cannot go on forever, and there would always be gaps and windows that would give you peek at the real emotions of the person towards you.


How much a person respects you says a lot about whether the person likes/loves you or not. If the person doesn’t respect you and does something that disrespects you, it is a clear sign of dislike. Whether the person disrespects you verbally or by action only adds more proof to help confirm the fact that a person doesn’t like you. However, if the person respects you and goes out of the way to ensure that you’re well taken care of and are made to feel special, it shows the respect a person has for you. Respect shows how much the person values you and his/her association with you.

how a person treats you


When a person likes and respects you, he finds out time for you. If a person is avoiding you by different means, whether it is not picking up your call or ignoring you at parties or the workplace, he or she probably doesn’t like you. Even though the person would laugh out why he didn’t pick up your call or how busy schedule isn’t giving him much spare time, the truth is that everyone can make time for what is a priority for them.

Body Language

The body language of a person speaks a thousand words at a time. Have you never seen a couple walk at a restaurant and felt how lovely they are together? And, sometimes, you see a couple sitting and think what is wrong with them? You don’t know them and haven’t even talked to them, but it is their body language that spoke a thousand words to you, isn’t it? When a person is talking to you, his or her body language would tell you a lot.

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For example, if a girl is trying to make advances, she would be conscious of how she looks, would blush, play with her locks, and make physical contact, and so on. It would be more than casual and lesser than romantic. Similarly, if a person is not merely browsing his/her phone while you speak something important, it means the person has little respect for you. It means he cares little for you or your concerns, opinions, problems, and thoughts.

In the end, it can be said that there are many people out there who might not be good for your present and future. It might not be clearly evident from the surface, but if you look closely at how people treat you, it will become easier to delete negative people from your life.

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