If you have Been Hurt Many Times, And You Still Know How to Smile, Trust Me You Are Strong

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If you have Been Hurt Many Times, And You Still Know How to Smile, Trust Me You Are Strong

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If you have Been Hurt Many Times, And You Still Know How to Smile, Trust Me You Are Strong

It is rightly said that the mind fails before the body, and it has been scientifically proven as well. The mental strength plays a vital role in today’s era, where everyone is just going through too much in their lives. The lifestyle of the people in today’s date, no matter wherever you are in the world, is hectic and challenging. There are so many issues that people have to deal with in their day to day lives, including professional and personal issues. It seems like a never-ending fight against the wall. Then, how do people still smile and laugh?

It is because people learn to live with their problems and challenges and accept it as a part of their life. In a way, the challenges that we face in our lives play an integral role in our growth journey as well. Without failing, making mistakes, or facing challenges in life, it would be difficult to grow as a person and get wiser or matured. The mistakes we make and the times we fail in our lives become our teacher. It is such episodes in our life that teach us more than any school books can. It not only makes us wiser with time but also stronger. There are many people who you will see around who might be smiling, laughing, giggling, and enjoying their life. Such people are all around us.

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Accept the reality

One of the biggest reasons why many people are unable to move on after a tragic event or after they are heartbroken is because they just can’t bear the truth reality brings with it. Accepting the reality the way it is would always help you move on. Don’t rush into moving on and take your time to grieve or reminiscence, but don’t block the path to your future for it. There is always something positive to learn, even in the most negative of life’s episodes. Look out for that silver lining, and you’ll find it more easily than you thought. At least the pain you go through to find that silver lining would be worth it. Trust me!


Don’t let the past block the future

When you are hurt and sad for something that happened in your life, it might seem challenging to move on, but there is always a way. It is your attitude to such challenges and situations in life that defines you, and thus, the onus is on you to rise back up and shine brighter each time any challenge tries to take your shine away from you. Don’t let the problems in your life take the glow out of your life.

Always remind you are stronger than your problems, and you’ll be. If you keep on clinging to the things that hurt you or the people that hurt you, it will get difficult to move on. Things would get from bad to worse, and more you delay getting up after getting knocked down, tougher it would be to get back up. Think positive and work on your future. Do what you have to do even if it is tough. It might be difficult at first, but slowly things will start falling in place, and before you know it, you will regain control of your life. And, arise much stronger and wiser than the last time.

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Be grateful and kind

Often when you look back, there are times in your life you think about and ask yourself why you behaved that way or said those things or wonder why you did things the way you did? Remind yourself that it is okay to make mistakes and fail. It makes us wiser and helps us understand the value of everything and everyone that is a part of your life. It is such experiences that help us the importance of gratitude and kindness in our lives. It is what keeps us going through challenging situations in life with a smile on our face because deep inside us, we know that “this too shall pass.”

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