Be Better in Real Life than On Social Media

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Be Better in Real Life than On Social Media

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Be Better in Real Life than On Social Media

The social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and many others, have simply taken over our lives. People are glued to their mobile phones wherever you go. The real communication between the people like it used to be decades back has reduced. Even on the dining tables, while having a mean of just about any household or restaurant you pick randomly – there are family members who might be on their phone browsing social media rather than talking to the person sitting right in the front. It has become such a disturbing habit that many campaigns are being run across the globe to encourage real communication. With that said, there is no doubt that modern technology and social media platforms have their own advantages, and rightly so. However, its overuse, or should I say misuse, has clouded many of its advantages in recent times.

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Social media has been slowly but surely changing the psyche of the people by large, mainly teens and young adults, who are so keen on showcasing what they are up to on social media platforms. It is this compelling urge to showcase to the world how glossy and colorful your life is that makes many people do things they shouldn’t, buy things they cannot afford or spend money they don’t have. Moreover, many people are going to abnormal and extravagant lengths to show people how happy they are or how much they are enjoying their lives, which isn’t always true. It is this camouflage they want to create using social media to portray to the world that isn’t true.

Social media was never meant to be a place to show-off, but to share your happiness, thoughts, opinions, and more with others. By portraying what you are not or what you don’t have to others, the only one who’s losing is none other than you. If you’re really happy and successful, it shows, and you don’t have to make an effort to prove it. How many times have you seen Mark Zuckerberg, Founder, and CEO of Facebook or Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft, flex their money or drive by in Lamborghini or Ferrari with the car’s muzzle roaring? You’ll never see that happening because they know who they are and don’t need to prove it to the world beyond what they have already.

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When you know who you are and is aware of your strength and weaknesses, it becomes easier for you to accept who you are the way you are. You will not look for approval or validation from others to feel good about yourself. The social media platform has become a huge platform in recent times where people look for approval and validation from others to justify their own existence and look for the feel-good factor. The worst part is that thirst for validation and the feel-good factor is never-ending, and it keeps on increasing with every “like,” “comment,” “share,” “retweet,” and so on.

It is a vicious cycle that continues to go on if you don’t realize, and before you know it, your life would start circling around it. Whether you are eating something, tired and sleepy, playing basketball, hanging out with friends, sitting with family, going out on vacation, or doing just about anything else – your mind would always be thinking if it is the right moment to share a picture on social media. What should you post on Facebook next? Is this moment worthy of Instagram?

The point here is that social media platforms are great and must be a part of our lives today as it helps us stay in the loop with what our friends and family are doing. However, it should not become the center of our lives, and you must know where to draw the line. Don’t let it overpower your emotions, thoughts, and personality to the extent that it starts to influence your personality. Be who you are, with or without social media.

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For example, – Don’t do charity or help underprivileged people just to share it on social media platforms. It is because integrity is doing the right thing even when no one’s looking. Don’t forget your reality and never lose human qualities of gratitude, humility, and integrity in your addiction to social media.


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