A Mistake that Makes You Humble is Better than an Achievement That Makes You Arrogant.

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A Mistake that Makes You Humble is Better than an Achievement That Makes You Arrogant.

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A Mistake that Makes You Humble is Better than an Achievement That Makes You Arrogant.


A mistake is a mistake only when you don’t learn from it. In our lifetime, we are bound to fail and make mistakes many times, and it is good in a way because it teaches us more about life than any course you learn separately or by going to school. Our life experiences help us become wiser and open our eyes to perspectives that weren’t present earlier in our minds. It is how we grow, and our personalities are shaped. It is essential; however, that we analyze the mistakes we make and learn from it. When you don’t learn from your mistakes, you continue to make the same mistakes, and it halts your growth journey.

Mistakes and failure makes you wiser

The mistakes we make in our lives are the best teachers. The mistakes are basically practical lessons that we took in our school and college days because it teaches us a lot about living in a way that isn’t theoretical. What you learn from your mistakes stays with you forever because you have seen the consequences of making a mistake firsthand. You learn from your mistakes and then proceed in the direction that leads you to success. It is this process of trial and error that we call life.

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You might have often gone to someone elderly for some advice, whether it is for your education, personal life, love life, business, tax, or for any other reason. It is because the older adults have gone through the phase of their lives that you are currently in, and it is their experience that would help you avoid the same mistakes that they might have done in their time. Mistakes make you wiser and help you realize you’re neither perfect and nor the best. Stay always grounded and be grateful, and things will fall in place.


Don’t let success get to your head

Many successful people out there either become too rude or arrogant after success, or they might be that way from before. It is primarily because when you achieve too much success too soon, it has the tendency to inflate your ego and make you feel omnipotent, which you are obviously not. It is this superficial feeling that soon finds a way to self-destruction.

In failure or success, never forget to be kind and grateful and always treat others with the same politeness and respect like you would want to be treated. Do not let success, money, or fame get to your head and make you forget who you really are. If you forget your roots and your struggle, you’ll never be able to enjoy the success you achieved. It is this arrogance and fake attitude that would make you insecure and probably distance you from your loved ones.

Accept success as well as a failure with humility

Whether you are a billionaire or a homeless person, it doesn’t hurt or take money to be humble or be polite to others, does it? Humility is the quality that makes us all human beings in the first place, and when we forget that, we disrespect the precious life that we are given. It is okay to be confident, successful, and enterprising, but it shouldn’t take away your human qualities.

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Always be humble, no matter which phase of your life you’re passing through. Success and failure are part of life, and it would continue to run in its own cycle driven by factors such as perseverance, hard work, determination, and so on. Many a time, things won’t go as per your plan, and you might fail. It may disappoint you but doesn’t give you the right to blame others or be arrogant. The same is the case when you’re successful. It doesn’t make you the best or perfect; it just means that you got what you rightfully deserved, and you should be grateful for it, rather than being arrogant.


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