Take Risks: If You Win, You Will be Happy; If You Lose, You Will be Wise.

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Take Risks: If You Win, You Will be Happy; If You Lose, You Will be Wise.

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Take Risks: If You Win, You Will be Happy; If You Lose, You Will be Wise.


When you are pursuing your dreams and goals with all your heart, there would be times when you might have to take risks. Being afraid of risks would never let you know what is on the other side, and it can leave you with regrets for the lifetime. When you are afraid of taking risks, you give up on many opportunities that life throws in your way. 

One thing you need to clearly understand in life that you won’t get anything easily, and there would be struggle attached to everything you want or desire. With struggle comes risks, and you should warmly embrace these risks as it is what opens doors to many possibilities. Even if you fail, it teaches you a lot that you didn’t know earlier, and it is what the growth journey is all about. 

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Don’t be afraid to lose

Many people are afraid to take risks because they fear failure. Don’t be afraid of failure as it is what would help you identify your mistakes and would lead you to the right path to success. If you fear failure, you will never be able to do anything. Keep on trying and move towards your goal relentlessly, and instead of only looking for success, watch out for experiences. It is these experiences that make you wiser and helps you grow as a person. The important thing is to keep moving forward regardless of the circumstances and the challenges that lie ahead of you. 

Follow your heart

While it is necessary to listen to your brain, it is even more important to follow your heart. When you follow your heart, you are actually doing what you want to do. Following your instincts can help you move in the right direction, knowingly or unknowingly. Even if the path ahead of you is rough and challenging, when you follow your heart, it provides you the strength to take on those challenges. Trust your instincts to guide you in the right direction, and more often than not, it will shine the light on the path you are taking. 


Failure is the first step to success

It is often said that failure is the first step to success and rightly so. Failures teach you valuable lessons that help you move ahead in the right direction, and this time without making the same mistakes as the last time. It often clears the path to success by weeding out the challenges that you faced earlier or equipped you with the knowledge and tools necessary to overcome the challenges. 

Experiences are valuable

Experiences are valuable in life, and it is what helps you grow and become wiser with time. Experiences are the real treasures as it helps us become selective with age and enables us to differentiate right from wrong. Without experiences, growth is impossible. Struggles, risks, and failures are necessary for life to help you grow, and it is this continuous cycle that eventually leads you to success. 

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Take Risks

Taking risks in lives is necessary, and it is essential to help you follow your passion at times. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you fail. The important thing is to learn your lessons from failure and celebrate the wins. Being afraid of taking risks will not let you move ahead in the right direction and infuse fear in you, which will continue to get intense with time. Being relentless and fearless in your pursuit is what helps you learn lessons in life and achieve your goals. Failure is never final, and with consistency, discipline, and perseverance, every goal is achievable. 

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