Correct each other in private, defend each other in public, and keep your personal business off of Facebook.

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keep somethings private

Correct each other in private, defend each other in public, and keep your personal business off of Facebook.

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Correct each other in private, defend each other in public, and keep your personal business off of Facebook.

keep somethings private

In today’s digital era, we see people sharing just about everything about their life on social media accounts. While we may want to celebrate our joys and successes with others and feel pride in it, there are many reasons why we should choose to live a rather private life. Don’t take me wrong; I don’t mean to say that we should be anti-social. What I mean to say is that being too open about your private life in public may not prove to be objective in the long-run. It may just make you a laughing stock in front of many as well as cause you to be the subject of envy for others.

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Trust is Important

In a relationship, one of the key components is trust. Developing trust and respect for each other takes years, and it is important to continue to maintain it. One of the best ways to show that you trust others is to ensure you don’t take your partner or the relationship for granted. Also, don’t judge the partner for his or her choices in life. Respecting each others’ individuality is necessary to gain respect and which, in turn, forms the basis of building trust.

Differences are okay

When in a relationship, it is not possible for you and your partner to agree on everything. There would be differences at times, and it is okay to have differences. How you react to those differences would show your maturity level. One should try to impose your opinion or judgment on the other. If your partner doesn’t agree with you, accept and respect it. Don’t try to control your partner forcibly or be imposing as it would have a negative impact on the relationship.

Most of all, it is necessary that even if you have disagreements and discussions related to that, it should be in private. Such discussions should never occur in public as it is a form of disrespect that can wound your partner deeply. Such wounds are hard to repair, and most of all, it can lead to bitterness in the relationship that has a lasting impact.


Defend in Public, Always

Your partner expects you to defend you and be by your side always. Even if you two disagree, there is a decorum you need to maintain when in public. There are some discussions that are best kept between you two. You should never bring sensitive topics that belong only to you two in public.

When private matters become public, the opinion of others and their reactions would weigh on your relationship. It is not only embarrassing and hurting for your partner when you criticize or pick faults of your partner in public; it leaves a deep wound that isn’t easily repairable. It is like a breach of trust. Irrespective of the problems in your relationship, one should not forget the fundamental duty of defending and trusting your partner always.

Facebook is for fun, not for personal business

Being active on Facebook and other social media platforms is necessary for today’s date to keep in touch with relatives, friends, and other people in the social and business network. Social media platforms are a nice place to share your happiness and life in general but do know where to draw the line. Something that is personal to you and your partner must not be shared in public. When your private life becomes public, there are many different issues that surface in your relationship, and things just might go out of control in your relationship.

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If you want your relationship to sail smoothly through life, know where to draw a line between what you need to keep private and what can be shared with the public. When you are too happy or feeling too low, it might be tempting to share it with others on social media platforms. However, it is not always helpful and may cause an unwanted barrier between you and your partner. Resist the temptation of sharing personal things in public, especially if it is something that puts your partner down or shows him/her in a negative light.

Any personal disagreements or conflicts should not be bought in the limelight on social media as it may induce distance between you and your partner that may be difficult to bridge. Such instances of public arguments and disagreements are not easily forgotten in a relationship, and even if you do, others will keep reminding you. Discussing private matters in public or having disagreements with your partner in public would result in nothing but regrets. Keep that in mind before you engage in it.

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