Some people are holding grudges against you for things they did to you.

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Some people are holding grudges against you for things they did to you.

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Some people are holding grudges against you for things they did to you.

It is rightly said that not everyone would like you, and neither should you try to please everyone. In today’s fast-paced life, it becomes difficult at times to maintain healthy relationships with everyone. People who were close friends with you once upon a time have now turned into only social media friends. Whether it is your family, colleagues, or friends, relationships continue to go through ups and downs in its graph. 

And it is entirely natural. However, do get warned if you continue to get negative vibes and energy from someone without any rhyme or reason. Many people, even in your closed social circuit, maybe envy or jealous of you or may have been holding a grudge against you for long. You must keep a close watch as to who is the happiest when you achieve success and who is standing by you during tough times. It gives you a good idea of people who really mean you well and are not pretentious.

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If someone is holding a grudge against you, it is not only because of any mistake that you may have committed but also for their past trauma. Grudge holders are the ones who store anger and resentment inside. Such people didn’t have the opportunity to vent out. It is famously said that holding a grudge is like drinking poison but expecting the other person to get sick.

Many people keep grudge thinking that eventually, the other person would face severe consequences, and it would be that moment of victory and pleasure for them. However, such moments rarely come, and in most cases, it backfires. It is because the person who is holding grudge starts to rot inside, slowly but surely, especially when the grudge kept is due to wrong reasons.

Many people out there have certain expectations out of you, and many of those expectations are unwarranted. When you don’t react as per their desire or vision or when you do not do things they expected, it becomes a reason for them to hold a grudge against you. For example, if someone you know is going through a challenging time financially and asks for your help.

They might have thought of an amount in their head that they ask from you, but you may not be ready to shell out that kind of money or may just refuse to loan any amount for your reasons. Even though time passes and things do fall in place for that person, he or she would continue to hold a grudge against you thinking that you didn’t help when he needed it. However, you might be going through a cash crunch yourself and may not be in a position to pay up. It is a kind of misunderstanding that stems from a lack of trust, and you can’t do anything about it.

Grudges are often caused due to miscommunication and misunderstandings. If it is possible in any way to resolve the issues and the differences, you must go ahead and do it. This is because people who hold grudges easily would want the other person to rectify the situation.

Don’t wait for things to get worse because, with time, the distances would widen and make it impossible for you to communicate. So, if you want the situation to get better, be upfront in asking what the grudge holder needs to better the situation. In today’s date, every problem has a solution if you can be elaborate, honest, and transparent in your discussions. It is what can lift the barriers and make way for love and trust to get back into the relationship.

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At times, you may have hurt someone unintentionally, and you might not even know about it. If you get to know about it ever, don’t wait further and go ahead and apologize for it. However, if people are blaming you for no fault of yours and continue to hold grudges against you even if you tried your best to remedy the wound – ignore and move on. A relationship can sustain when both the person is ready to walk halfway and meet in the middle. If the onus is only you to walk across the bridge alone, always, then it is not a relationship worth keeping.

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