Only people who are not happy with themselves are mean to others

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Only people who are not happy with themselves are mean to others

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Only people who are not happy with themselves are mean to others

Negativity is contagious, and to love someone; you need first to love yourself. If you are not satisfied with yourself, forget about being happy with anyone else. The frustration inside you will make you blind to positivity, and you’ll only look at the negative side of things and life in general. It will make you mean and make it impossible to sustain any relationship for long or be a person people want to be around. Mean people are not always bad – they need help. Be kind to those people consistently, and you’ll see a gradual change in them. 

Choose happiness!

It is because only people who aren’t happy with themselves are the ones who are mean to others. It is not possible to stay in the same state of mind always, and there are times when you’ll be unhappy for some reason, and sometimes even without any reason at all. However, no matter what life puts you through – choose to be happy. Things start to fall in place when you choose positivity over negativity and happiness over sadness.

It is okay to feel bad if someone betrayed you, if your consistent efforts are not gaining results, if you are not getting your dream job if you are not happy in your relationship, and so on. Find a solution to your problems and work on them. If it is in your hand, there is no reason to worry, and if it is not in your hand, no matter how much you worry – things won’t change. So, you might as well choose to be happy than continually put yourself through the emotional trauma of being unhappy. Being mean to others won’t solve your problems, but only increase it as it can put your personal life in turmoil.

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Ignore mean people, cut ties completely if necessary

If someone is continually mean to you, choose to ignore rather than to react. Mean people are unhappy and sadistic and getting into any conflict with them would rub their negativity on you. People who are unhappy and mean as a matter of habit are mentally handicap to perceive happiness the way it is meant to be. It is their inability to be happy, content, and grateful is what makes them envy of others who can. Stay away from them if you want to keep your sanity and if you can’t stay away, at least maintain a safe distance.

Find seeds of unhappiness within you

People who are unable to look at the brighter side of life and continues to find a way to be unhappy would make sure that you join their club if you don’t put up resistance. The fact that they can’t be happy is what makes them want others to feel the same way. Such people need to retrospect and introspect to find seeds of unhappiness that has found deep-rooted seats in their system.

Stay away from energy vampires

You cannot be around people who continue to attack your self-esteem and cannot see your efforts or any good in you. If someone continually makes you feel like a piece of shit, then it is not worth being with that person. Resolve the issues if possible or simply move on without looking back. It is crucial to stay away from the energy vampires who continue to drain your positive energy and makes you feel emotionally and physically drained.

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Don’t dwell in past. Be hopeful of future.

While it is essential to give your best in any relationship, you cannot continue to go overboard while the other person is simply interested in taking advantage of your honesty, simplicity, and unconditional love. If there is no reciprocation or the response you are getting is not serving your purpose in life to move ahead, cut ties immediately. It may not be effortless to move on after being in a relationship with a mean person, but you must find the motivation to move on in life.

Stop dwelling into the past and find ways to organize your life in a way that helps you serve a higher purpose. It is essential to be practical, along with being emotional.

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