An Apology without Change Is Just a Manipulation

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An apology without change is just a manipulation

An Apology without Change Is Just a Manipulation

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An Apology without Change Is Just a Manipulation

An apology without change is just a manipulationThe only thing constant in life is change. Some people change with time for good, and others go the other way. Generally, when you learn from your experiences and mistakes, you become wiser. However, every coin has two sides, and some experiences and mistakes we make in life make us bitter, arrogant, and ungrateful. It is on how well you are able to keep your emotions in check and well-balanced. Negativity overwhelms you faster than positivity, and thus, it is important that you see to it that you continue to move ahead in the right direction – towards positivity and being grateful.

Reciprocation is the key to a sustainable relationship

In any relationship, the reciprocation plays a very important role. If you are not treated the way you treat others with love, affection, and respect, you need to pause and check what is going wrong. If you are the one on the wrong end, do not hesitate to apologize and make the necessary changes in your attitude and approach to ensure the relationship sustains. If the other person is on the wrong end, do not hesitate to confront and talk it out. There is no need for fights or conflicts, but a mature discussion should always be on the card to resolve relationship issues. It is what would help you move forward and let bygones be bygones. However, even after a thorough discussion of what went wrong and why, and even after the other person has apologized, he or she continues to repeat the same mistakes on the loop, you need to know it’s not an apology but manipulation.

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Know the difference between apology and manipulation

It mostly happens when people take relationships for granted and believe that you’ll be okay with whatever they do, even when they wrong you. Such negative people are energy suckers, and far from being apologetic, they might even try to shift the blame on you. You need to be wary of these people and must make it a priority to stay away from them. When a person is really apologetic and means it from the heart, they make necessary changes to ensure they do not follow the same pattern, behavior, or mistakes that led to the issues in the first place. Know the difference between an apology and manipulation. It is because many people apologize just for the sake of it and to get over with the conflict or to get what they want, without actually meaning it.

apologyTake note of changes being made

Once the person apologizes, it is crucial that you keep a note of whether the person is changing or has changed their behavior towards you and corrected whatever was wrong. It is rightly said that action speaks louder than the words, and if the apology is not translated into positive action, than it is possibly only going to make things worse. What is the meaning of saying sorry after a mistake when you are only going to repeat that mistake again? Take note of the changes that the other person makes once he or she has apologized. If there is no positive change happening, it might be time for you to part ways and protect your feelings and emotions from getting invested in the wrong person.

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Don’t be insecure

Many people stick by people who continue to manipulate them while falsely apologizing whenever needed. It is because they feel you are too gullible to think otherwise about them and see the truth for what it is. People stay in such a relationship because their self-worth has decreased over time by staying in such abusive and demeaning relationships. They have lost the sense of how a loving relationship should be, and thus, they stick to whatever they have and are fearful of losing that as well. It is this insecurity that leads to inaction, and they continue to get manipulated, sometimes knowingly, because they are too fearful of exploring new possibilities to improve their life.

Take Control of your Life

Do know that you have the right to take control of your life and show the door to people who don’t respect you or like you the way you are. Stop getting manipulated continuously by people who do not reciprocate the love and respect you show them and keep away from negative people as much as possible. If they come back and apologize, make sure they stick by their word, and if they don’t, make sure they don’t get a second chance.

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