My Attitude is a Result of Your Actions! So If You Don’t Like My Attitude, Blame Yourself.

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My Attitude is a Result of Your Actions! So If You Don’t Like My Attitude, Blame Yourself.

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My Attitude is a Result of Your Actions! So If You Don’t Like My Attitude, Blame Yourself.

The best way to balance your social dynamics is to be good to people who are good to you and ignore the people who are bad to you. However, no matter how much you try to simplify life and safeguard your feelings, there would be people who would poke you and force you to come out of your values-ecosystem. There would be people who would show your attitude even when you haven’t done anything to deserve it. In such times, you are faced with the choice to either ignore such people and behavior or to give it back.

Know how to put people in their rightful place!

For example, if your colleague is showing attitude to you, it becomes difficult to ignore as you’ve to face him/her every day. When you are faced with such situations, do not shy away and show them that they can keep their attitude because you’ve one of your own. Putting people in their places is necessary at times because they feed on your weakness, and if you stay silent, they will continue to cross new boundaries every other day. If you let them keep pushing you, one day, you’ll find yourself in the corner, and it just might get too late to retaliate then.

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Beware of snakes!

Go the extra mile for people who are nice to you, and don’t shy away from giving it back to people who just want to take advantage of you or put you down to rise up. There are tons of people you’ll come across in life who are like snakes, and no matter how you pamper them, love them, and respect them; they would end up biting you. It is embedded in their system to talk behind your back, be negative and unkind, and be ungrateful. You can’t do anything about such people, and thus, ignoring them moving on in life while subtly parting ways is the only option.

Protect yourself from negative people

The problem is that such people do not often realize the mistake they are making and may even charge you back for ignoring them or exiting from their life. However, it is your right to protect yourself from such people, and you can point out their mistakes and ask them to blame themselves instead of you for the thorns in the relationship. Life is too short to tolerate the shenanigans of negative people. If you are not comfortable in the company of someone or if someone makes you uncomfortable, it is essential that you get out of that toxic ambiance and relationship. Staying in the company of negative people where you being purposely pushed down will hurt your self-respect and self-esteem.

Don’t let others take advantage of you

Understand the fact that not everyone you come across in life would like you for what you are. Even if you haven’t wronged such people in any way, they would still be jealous of you, envy you, and secretly hate you. If you get the sense of that in any form or way, make sure to leave. However, if they continue to pursue you and try to hurt you, make sure to fight back because you cannot let other people take advantage of you being kind or polite.

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Have zero tolerance for negativity

Avoiding conflicts is one of the top priorities of wise people as they have little tolerance for negativity or nonsense. However, do not hesitate to take out and shine your sword if it comes to that. Make sure that people who are showing you attitude for no reason know who they are dealing with and that it is not you, but them who are the reason why you are rigid in your dealing with them. Store your kindness and gratitude for people who are good to you, and waste no energy for those who try to belittle for you. It is the mantra of life that would automatically filter out the unwanted people from your life and ensure that you are surrounded by only happy, positive, and well-meaning people.

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