If You Focus on the Hurt, You Will Continue to Suffer. If You Focus on the Lesson, You Will Continue to Grow.

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If You Focus on the Hurt, You Will Continue to Suffer. If You Focus on the Lesson, You Will Continue to Grow.

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If You Focus on the Hurt, You Will Continue to Suffer. If You Focus on the Lesson, You Will Continue to Grow.

There would be times in your life when you would be hurt, and more often than not, it would be from the person close to you. Whether it is a broken relationship or betrayal or something else, everyone gets hurt by someone at some point in their life. The real question is how you get over it and move on in life. You need to learn from it and move on. Not everything will go according to the plan, and it is what life is all about. You may have invested too much time and emotion in a relationship and went to hell and back to make a relationship work, but if it is not meant to be, it won’t be. 

Accept the Reality, Embrace the Truth

Accepting the reality as it is what maturity is all about. The first thing you need to do when you are hurt is to analyze what went wrong and why. If it can be fixed, do it. If not, move on. Simplify life by focusing on the solutions rather than the problems. If there is a solution, give your heart and soul to it to untie the knots, whether it is your personal or professional life. If there is no solution to what has happened that has caused hurt or problems in your life; the best way is to accept the reality and your mistakes and learn from it. If you dwell on the hurt and the problems, you will neither be able to focus on the solution nor be able to move on.

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Learn from your Mistakes

The only real mistake we make is when we don’t learn from it. When we learn from our mistakes and implement the lessons learned in our lives, it continues to get better with time. It makes us wiser and helps us grow. It is why we often laugh at our reactions to situations years ago compared to how we would have handled it at present. Irrespective of how well you mean to others, everyone you come across in life won’t reciprocate equally.

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Know How to Balance your Emotions

Don’t take life so seriously, and don’t waste your energy on people who hurt you or continue not to reciprocate your emotions equally. It will only lead to hurt, but in time will also make you question your self-worth. When you lay too much importance on one person in life, you give control of your life to that person. Beware of giving that level of control and laying that amount of trust on anyone. If it backfires, things can escalate faster than a forest fire, and it would lead to anxiety, depression, and a phase in life that you’ll find hard to overcome.

Getting hurt is not always bad

Humans are programmed to feel hurt and sad when someone betrays you, lies to you, cheats you, and so on. However, these are the instances in life that boost your growth in its own way as we learn from it. Many times, our loved ones say not to trust someone or not to do things that may not be good for us, but we still do it. In the end, we get hurt, and at times, it is necessary because it is what opens our eyes.

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Look at the brighter side

Life lessons learned from experiences are hard to forget. What we need to do is to look on the brighter side of every such challenge to help us find a solution. When you are hurt, you’ll feel bad, and you will be emotionally broken. But, fix yourself by focusing on what you learned from such episodes. Whether you choose to be happy or sad or look for problems or solutions is completely your choice. When you make the right choice, you grow, and when you make the wrong choice, you continue to dig your grave deeper into the well of sorrow, sadness, anxiety, and more.

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