Your Anxiety is Lying to You. You are Loved and Going to be Okay.

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Your Anxiety is Lying to You. You are Loved and Going to be Okay.

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Your Anxiety is Lying to You. You are Loved and Going to be Okay.


Anxiety is amongst the most common mental health disorder faced by the human population globally. One of the common causes of anxiety is stress and fear of the future. Anxiety makes you incapable of enjoying the present and constantly keeps you under the fear and apprehension of the future. It is often said that we suffer more in our imagination than in reality, and it is the perfect definition of anxiety as well. When anxiety is not kept in check, it can lead to physical health issues and give birth to other major mental health disorders. 

Stop Over-thinking 

Most of all, anxiety will kill your confidence and impair your ability to rely on your own self. Often in life, we tend to overthink issues that don’t deserve such attention. Over-thinking can give rise to unwarranted fears that can add stress and eventually cause anxiety. Anxiety is basically nothing but the mirror view of your fears, and it lies to you to keep you in that state of mind.

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Anxiety thrives on fear, and more you respond to anxiety, more it will continue to multiply. If you have given an exam the result of which can change your life or just gave an interview for your dream job, it is natural for you to be stressed and anxious about its results. However, don’t let that apprehension turn into anxiety.


Look at the brighter side and be grateful!

Often anxiety is also due to strenuous relationships, family conflicts, fights with family and friends, and so on. If you are in a relationship, and things are going a little rough, do not let anxiety take over you as it will only worsen things. Learn to look at the bright side of the problems you are facing, and it will help you find an amicable solution, which is always there.

The solution might be difficult and may even seem impossible, but anxiety may often stop you from pursuing a solution. Instead, anxiety will make you dive deeper into the problems and overwhelm you with the fear. With time, it will not only make your attitude negative, but it will also ensure you stop being grateful and kind. It hurts your relationship and impairs your overall quality of life.

Manifest positivity in your life

Anxiety makes you fearful, and you become to lose the ability to pursue what makes you happy. It magnifies the problems that are lying in front of you that can be easily solved, but trust me; things get better with time if you face your fears head-on. Defeating the fear inside you will liberate and heal you and ensure that you get back on the track to success, professionally and personally.

It will make you more productive at work, and your relationship with people in life would get better. Anxiety will make you think about things that have no connection with reality, and you will continue to suffer in your imagination, and it will impact your life in real.

It is like you’re dreaming of falling off from a building or riding a plane that is crashing in your dreams, but getting injured or dying in real. It is this feeling that makes it impossible for you to live life the way you want. You become what you constantly think about, so think positive, and good things will happen.

Focus on the solution

The first way to fight anxiety is to be realistic and focus on the solution. If something is bothering you, find a solution, and implement it regardless of how difficult it may be. If the problem doesn’t have a solution, trust the process. Don’t try to control every aspect of your life and accept the fact that not everything goes off as plan. Learn to love yourself and trust that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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Be fearless in your pursuit of happiness

Anxiety will continue to feed off your fear, so safeguard your emotions. Often confiding in someone about your negative feelings and anxiety helps. If things don’t come together as you want it to, there is also medical help available these days to treat anxiety.

There is no shame in seeking help when you need it. You’ll be surprised by how much you mean to your friends and family when you open up about your issues. Don’t bottle up your feelings inside so tightly that it ends up exploding and overwhelming you with stress and anxiety irreparably.

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