I Was Quiet, But I Was Not Blind.

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Quiet but not blind

I Was Quiet, But I Was Not Blind.

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I Was Quiet, But I Was Not Blind. 

Quiet but not blind

There are times in your life where you have to suffer in silence even when you have a lot to say. You understand that it is in the best interest of everyone to stay silent and part ways than speaking up and dig the grave deeper. There are times when you are wronged at the workplace, in friendship, or the family. You have to stay silent and allow things to take its natural course because you do not want to disrupt the relationship or cut the thread of the relationship, which may be clinging on loosely already. 

You know and understand what is going wrong, who is at fault and may even have the solution. But, for the greater good and to avoid conflict, disputes, or melodrama, you avoid speaking up. It is the wisdom and maturity that helps you take such actions.

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Silence is Often Construes as Weakness

However, many people construe such actions cowardly or may even take you as a fool. They feel that you were silent because you couldn’t comprehend what went wrong or who did wrong. It is this small thinking that you wanted to avoid in the first place. It is getting into the lengthy arguments and conflicts with people of such lowly thinking that you wanted to avoid.

They don’t understand that you were not vulnerable then or now, you were just wiser. What they should know, however, is that every wise man has a breaking point too. And, when a wise man reaches its anger threshold, the hell freezes over.

Don’t Let People Take Your Undue Advantage

You need to make it a point that your silence is not taken as your weakness. Often people try to take advantage of people who stay silent even when they are wronged and continue to pinch them further till they lose it. During such times, you need to make them clearly understand that you truly recognize them for who they are. Make it a point to ensure they know you were quiet, but not blind. Once they know it, they would not dare to cross your line again.

Draw a Line

If there are several instances where your silence and inaction are taken as your weakness, and you have been taken undue advantage of, speak up. Draw a line for everyone in your life and make it a principle to think of your interest, self-respect, and self-esteem before others.

If you choose silence too often, you’ll lose the courage to speak up. And, it will make you weaker with time. You don’t always have to fight or get into a conflict when you speak up. You can simply carry out an “awake” discussion that would let the other person know that it’s not your ignorance but maturity that kept you silent.

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Don’t Stay Silent Forever

Often in a relationship, people keep silent even when it’s the mistake of the other person. They feel it is in the interest of the relationship, and it is also right to think that way. However, when it happens too frequently, then it becomes a major issue that needs to be addressed. You cannot stay silent forever, and the other person needs to know you are not blind after a point of time.

If you continue to stay silent in any relationship and don’t speak up, it can damage you emotionally. It is like you are taking a bullet every time you choose to stay quiet to avoid conflict, dispute, or misunderstanding. There is a limit to everything, and don’t let others take advantage of your silence so often that they lose respect for you. Always remember silence is a sign of strength and not weakness.


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