I am Getting Too Old to Try to Impress People. Either They Like Me the Way I am, Or They Don’t. And That’s Okay with Me.

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I am Getting Too Old to Try to Impress People. Either They Like Me the Way I am, Or They Don’t. And That’s Okay with Me.

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I am Getting Too Old to Try to Impress People. Either They Like Me the Way I am, Or They Don’t. And That’s Okay with Me.

It is practically impossible for everyone you come across in life to like you. Some people may just dislike you because others like you. Some people are just negative in their attitude, and even if you haven’t wronged them in any way, they will continue to dislike you. There are many reasons why people may dislike you. Some may dislike you because you are successful, and others may dislike you because you have something they don’t.

We Get More Selective as We Age

When you are young, you want people to like you because it is how your social circle grows. It is how people are able to make new friends. It is how things should be when you are young, and it is completely fine. You win some friends in the process, and you may even lose some. It is how the dice rolls when you are young. However, as you get older, you become more selective about the people you interact with and spend time with. You have a limited circle of friends and family, and that becomes your comfort zone. What this small group of people thinks about you and how your relationship with them matters to you. You neither feel the urge or the desire to impress more people, make new friends, or roll the dice again like you were young.

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We Get Wiser with Age

As you get older, you become wiser because you learn from the mistakes and life experiences over the years. Along with many lessons that life teaches you as you get older, one of the most important lessons it teaches us is that the people who love you just the way you are, are the keepers. It provides you satisfaction in knowing that there is no real need or urgency to know more people, increase your social circle, and so on. The maturity achieved with age teaches you to be self-content and count your blessings. It teaches you to be kind to be others and be grateful for what you have.


Treasure What You Have, Be Grateful

Even if you see someone with dozens of friends, it teaches you to be happy with a couple of friends you’ve known since you were a child. Finding happiness in small things and not getting upset easily is what we learn with time and as we grow older. Most of all, as we get older, we lose the enthusiasm to impress other people to like us. Solid friendships are built over years and years of tolerating each other, fighting each other, fighting for each other, crying on each other’s shoulders, sharing secrets, sharing dreams, and so much more. You know such bonds cannot be built now, and it would be too difficult to accommodate someone else in life who offers anything less than the standard your true friends have set.

It Gets Difficult to Change as We Grow Older

Moreover, it is difficult to change the way you are as you get older. You are happy with the small circle of people who loves you and don’t care enough if anyone outside of that circle likes you or not. And, you would be least interested in trying to impress others to like you. Loving yourself for who you are is an ability that comes with age. No wise man would ever hate himself to gain the love of others. Mature people give self-love more importance, and it is this wisdom that allows them to look at the real picture behind the social and relationship dynamics.

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Value Yourself, First

As we grow older, we learn to value ourselves because it is the years of challenges, hard work, struggle, life experiences, and so much more that has gone into making you who you are today. We understand that it is not worth it to change the years of effort we have put in to build us for someone else. We’d rather keep ourselves the way we are, and give it all to the people who treasure us for what we are without trying to change us. We understand that pretence won’t help build a long-lasting relationship, so we don’t even try. With age, we understand that such an attitude may or may not be appreciated by some people, and it is fine, as long as it helps us filter through the people, so that we only end up with real gems.

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