Don’t be a Parrot in Life, be an Eagle. A Parrot Talks Way Too Much Can’t Fly High But an Eagle is Silent & Has the Power to Touch the Sky.

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Don’t be a Parrot in Life, be an Eagle. A Parrot Talks Way Too Much Can’t Fly High But an Eagle is Silent & Has the Power to Touch the Sky.

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Don’t be a Parrot in Life, be an Eagle. A Parrot Talks Way Too Much Can’t Fly High But an Eagle is Silent & Has the Power to Touch the Sky.

When big talks don’t lead to big action, it leads to depletion in respect. People often suffer more in their imagination than in real life, and similarly, some people often think and talk like they have already achieved a lot, while they haven’t even started their journey. 

While believing that you are made for big and better things in life and trying to manifest your dream into reality with hard work, passion, and determination is always a good thing, one should blow their trumpet too soon. When talks are not followed by action, it leads to people not trusting you, especially when it becomes a habit.

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Don’t Try to Impress Others

Many people are so indulged in trying to impress others or building their fake virtual image in front of others that they get carried away in emotions and end up stretching the reality until it becomes entirely fiction. People will judge you anyway, so it is better to be your true self.

When you are trying to build your stand in the community, it is your action that will leave a bigger and better impact than your words. It is rightly said that “Action speaks louder than the words,” for a reason. Don’t keep telling others how you plan to be successful or how your business is going to take off in a few months or how you plan to be a millionaire in a couple of years. Instead, become a millionaire, and they’ll know themselves.

Don’t Reveal Your Next Move

It is neither wise nor smart to reveal what you’re planning to do next in your professional life. When you reveal your business plans or career moves to others, you’ll be flooded by a mixed range of opinions and suggestions. Some of them would be positive, but many of them would be negative and discouraging as well. It is not something you want when you are planning to stay motivated, enthusiastic, and determined to go after what you want. Don’t be afraid to fail in your journey as it teaches you more than you can imagine, and helps you get smarter and wiser with time.


Work Hard in Silence, Let Success Make the Noise”

When you are passionate and determined to achieve your goals, nothing can stop you. The best way to avoid any negative from coming in your life is to keep hustling without making noise or telling others about what you are up to. When you tell others about your next move or what you are up to in your journey to achieving your dream, it only puts more roadblocks on your journey. Instead, hustle every day in silence, and people would automatically come to know when you are successful.

Don’t be Attention-Seeker

People often get too excited about what they are planning or doing and tell everybody just to impress people or to get attention. Such attention can backfire as well because if things don’t work out, it becomes difficult to answer tough questions. It will only go on to add salt to your wound and infuse fear in you to try again. Keep trying, and when the time is right and the universe is in your favor, the world will know.

Don’t be a Parrot, Be an Eagle!

Parrots talk a lot but can’t fly high, but Eagles not only fly high, but they have a great vision and focus as well. They do not need a herd around them to be successful. They get on their business silently and smartly. The point here is to stay focused on your goals and what you think of yourself and not what others think about you. You don’t need to tell people how hard you are working or how you plan to be successful, but you must be true to yourself.

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Be True to Yourself

When you are focused and true to yourself, achieving success becomes much easier. What others think of you doesn’t define you, but what you think about yourself definitely does. If you stay true to your vision, plan, and passion, people will respect you for what you are. It is because when you seek attention and respect from others forcibly, it never arrives. Become a man/woman of substance, and you’ll get what you deserve – success, respect, attention, and love.

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