Call me Crazy, But I Love to See other People Happy and Succeeding! Life is a Journey, Not a Competition.

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Call me Crazy, But I Love to See other People Happy and Succeeding! Life is a Journey, Not a Competition.

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Call me Crazy, But I Love to See other People Happy and Succeeding! Life is a Journey, Not a Competition.

Often in our life, we come across people who are jealous of others, envious of someone else’s success and are riddled with such negative emotions. It not only hampers their overall quality of life but poisons their mind to the extent that they are unable to enjoy their own life or what they have. It drains any grain of kindness or gratitude they have, and irrespective of how much one tries, they are just unable to count their blessings. It is one of the worst handicaps one can have. 

Don’t Take Life So Seriously!

Life is a journey and not a competition, and while being competitive is healthy and even necessary for growth, one should not make it a way of life. You do not want to be so involved in leaving others behind that it actually distances you from everyone you love. It is because the true measure of your worth and achievement in life is the relationships you are able to build in your lifetime.

When you behave competitively in just every aspect of your life and see everything from the materialistic point of view, it changes your attitude and behaviour towards others. It makes you repulsive, and people are not able to open to you. It gives out negative vibes from you that don’t let anyone form any true and long-lasting relationships with you.

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Be Kind and Grateful, Always

Most of all, when you measure someone’s worth or value others based only on how much money they have or how successful they are, it adds arrogance to your personality. It makes you unkind unknowingly, and you come across as ungrateful, which kills any humility in your personality.

It is these characteristic traits that invite negativity and doesn’t let you be happy or content even if you are successful. Achieving success with such attitude and inflated ego doesn’t last for too long and, in time, distances you from things that money can’t buy – love, happiness, and compassionate relationship.

Don’t Compare Your Life With Others

The first mantra to happy and content with life is to not compare your life with that of others. Everyone is going through their own struggles, even if it is not visible to you. Don’t judge someone until you have walked a few miles in their shoes is a saying that holds true for this very reason.

When you start comparing your life with others, it is a form of disrespect to your life journey. It makes you ungrateful to what you have just because you feel what others have is better than you. Being grateful for what you have invites positivity and helps in manifesting happiness and success in ways you can’t start to imagine. It is because when you are happy, positive, and optimistic at present, it paves the way to manifest your dreams into reality in the future.

Don’t Waste Energy on Negative Emotions

Don’t waste your energy on hating others or secretly envying others for what they have achieved or how successful they are. Instead, use that energy to improve yourself and follow your passion with all your heart, and you’ll find true success as well. Have you heard of an old saying that what you give back comes back to you? Give love and blessings to others, and you’ll get it back in the way or the others, and spread negativity, hatred, and jealousy, and it is what you’ll get back.

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Trust Your Life’s Timeline

I am the kind of person who loves to see others happy and successful. When you feel that happiness from your heart for others, it liberates you from any feelings of jealousy, envy, and hatred. It frees you from any negativity that might be stemming off by comparing your life with those of others who might be more successful for you.

Everyone’s life is following a different timeline, and thus, it is best to trust the timeline of your life and enjoy the present. What you deserve will always find a way into your life. Life is too short to waste time hating or be jealous of others.

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