As You Get Older, You Really Just Want to be Surrounded by Good People. People That are Good For You, Good to You, and Good for Your Soul

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As You Get Older, You Really Just Want to be Surrounded by Good People. People That are Good For You, Good to You, and Good for Your Soul

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As You Get Older, You Really Just Want to be Surrounded by Good People. People That are Good For You, Good to You, and Good for Your Soul

You become like the people you surround yourself with as their beliefs, characteristics, attitude, body language, lingo, and other aspects of personality rub off on you with time. With that said, it doesn’t mean you’ll lose yourself and your own individuality, but you do get influenced. Thus, it is necessary to be in a good company and surround yourself with kind and humble people, so that negativity stays at bay. 

Humans Get Wiser With Age

People get wiser with age as they learn from their mistakes and life experiences. It is these life experiences and mistakes that allow people to differentiate right from wrong. Learning from mistakes doesn’t only make you wiser but also more mature. It is this maturity that makes you more selective about the people you choose to hang out with and be surrounded by. It helps you understand that there is no need to endure negativity and negative people. As you get older, you understand there is no point in being around people who turn you off or who are two faceted.

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Don’t Drain Your Positivity

In life, we come across a variety of people, and it is necessary to understand who is actually good to you and mean well for you. It is often said that more people would attend your funeral than your birthday party because more people would love to see you on your back rather than standing tall on your feet. As you get older, you are able to identify people who mean well for you and feed positivity to your soul and the ones who do nothing but to drain your positivity.

Surround Yourself with People Who Has Stood the Test of Time

You might know a ton of people, but do you trust all of them? How many people you know that you can actually count on? It is necessary to understand to surround yourself with people who you can count on and with whom you can talk without having to filter your thoughts every step of the way. It is such people that actually make you shine and help you through the tough times. What is the point of having a friend you cannot count on or talk to openly about?


It is this realization that we get as we get older. It is why older people don’t necessarily have tons of close friends, but the ones they have are true gems. It is because their friendship or relationship has stood the test of time, and the result has come out shining through thick and thin.

Don’t Get Carried Away by Social Pressure

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need tons of people in your life to stay happy. You only need positive people in your life that love you and truly mean well for you. Do not get stigmatized by the social or peer pressure of having a big circle. People, who stand by you and love you for what you are, are the ones who are worth going the extra mile for.

When you surround yourself with people who really care for you, it helps in moving on in the right path after you’ve suffered a trauma, failed, or lost a loved one. It is the people who have stood the test of time and haven’t faltered in their support for you will show you the right direction. They will motivate you to move ahead regardless of how much past tries to pull you back. The surprise is that such people do not always belong in your family or even friends, sometimes such people can be even people who you met just weeks ago.

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Positive Intentions Matter

Just because you know someone for ages doesn’t necessarily mean that a person is good for your happiness or means you well. It is the intention that matters here, and sometimes the people who are closest to you may have the meanest of intentions for you while a complete stranger may have a positive intention for you. Trust your instincts and follow your heart, and break away from the stereotypical negative relationships that don’t push you in the right direction.

The secret lies in doing what is best for you, and if it means walking away from people with whom you have had long-standing relationships, do it. Irrespective of how small your circle is, it should consist of only people who are good for you, have only positive intentions for you, and means you well. It is what matters at the end of the day.

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