A Mistake that Makes You Humble is Better Than an Achievement That Makes You Arrogant

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A Mistake that Makes You Humble is Better Than an Achievement That Makes You Arrogant

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A Mistake that Makes You Humble is Better Than an Achievement That Makes You Arrogant


The real measure of your worth is how many people stand by you in the time of need. Relationships are what you truly earn in your life, and one should not let ‘real’ relationships go. One of the common reasons why most relationship breaks or has unwanted knots in their relationships is because people change with time. It is completely natural for people to change with time, but the change should be based on priorities. The change should be focused on growth and not arrogance. 

Keep Ego and Negative Attitude in Check

Everyone in their life knows at least one person who was once a very close friend, but with time, the distances grew and are now not even an acquaintance. While there are many factors that may have influenced that distance, one of the common reasons is ego and arrogance. It stems from the fact that when people achieve success or accomplish something in life, they forget the importance of humility, integrity, and relationships.

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When you get zoned out by the success you achieve or drown in the sense of accomplishment, it paves the way for negative glorification that gets harder to uproot with time. It gets embedded in your system until one fine day when you have to face the brutal reality that you are alone in your celebration of success or if the “karma” strikes you and your success journey.

Mistakes Make You Wiser

Some of the biggest philosophers to have walked the planet have often reiterated the importance of failure. It is because failure makes you humble and helps you understand the importance of every single step you take in your journey to success.

Failure makes you realize that you are a human being and are bound to make mistakes and that it is okay to make them. When you are able to see imperfection in yourself, it gets easier to acknowledge and accept the same in others. And, it is what helps keep arrogance away and makes you humble.


Learn from your Delusions

Mistakes you make helps you realize that you are not the best, and there are others who are better than you. When you realize this, it doesn’t let arrogance to stem. In fact, it opens you up to improving and learning from the mistakes you make. It keeps your feet on the ground, and it is absolutely necessary for life to stay grounded if you aim to reach the sky. If not, you’ll neither reach the sky, and the reality will shock you to the extent that even the ground you stand on will shrink.

Don’t Let Ego Take Over You

Keep your arrogance, ego, and attitude in check and understand that the true measure of success in life is the respect you earn for who you are and not how much money you have in the bank. If you believe that money can buy you relationship, respect, and love, you are completely wrong.

And, the day you start thinking like this is the day you need to retrospect deeply because it is the clear sign of how arrogance has overtaken your mentality.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Make Mistakes

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, fall in your journey to achieving your dreams, and get up again. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Making mistakes is sometimes more necessary than achieving something that completely overwhelms your personality to make you arrogant and take you away from reality.

The mistakes that positively influence your attitude and make you humble are way better than any success you’ll ever achieve that falsely inflates your ego and embraces a negative attitude. Rest assured, what you learn from your mistakes makes you humble and fills you with humility that’ll prepare you for much bigger success than you can possibly imagine.

Have a Long-Term Approach

The arrogance that stems from achievement doesn’t prepare you for the long run or the journey of life. Still, the humility and positive attitude developed by mistakes will ensure you enjoy positivity and better relationships in life. It not only helps you become kinder to others but ensures that you are loved, respected, and remembered, during, and after your life.

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