Success is Not Permanent. The Same is also True for Failure.

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Success is Not Permanent. The Same is also True for Failure.

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Success is Not Permanent. The Same is also True for Failure.

Success isn't permanent

Each one of us dreams of being successful and feel that once we are successful, there is no looking back. None of us ever dream of failure or think about how it helps shape our future and motivate us to be successful. Even though failure is a big part of our lives just as success, no one wants to be equipped to deal with it. The reason is that people start to feel unworthy when they fail. 

To be able to understand the true meaning of success of failure comes with time and experience. It is part of life, and you are meant to discover these things on your own. All you can do is focus on doing the right things. Remember that success brings a feeling of momentary bliss, and it can change any second. It is all about your attitude on how you approach success and failure in life that defines you. Everything will be how you look at it. Instead of playing the victim, you need to have faith and keep working hard to make your life better for you and the people around you. Failure is not permanent; it means that you need to take another approach to achieve what you want to. Here are some of the reasons why failure is just the absence of success –

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Failure Makes You a Strong Person – Failure breaks you, but it also makes you a stronger person. All you have to do is get back on your feet and push harder than before. Every successful person that you see around you has suffered a failure, and it is only because they did not bow down to it that they have been able to rise and be successful.

Failure Offers a Path of Redirection – Most people second guess their decision and wonder if they are making the right choice. People are so afraid of failure that they end up doing what others are doing. When you make a choice, and you fail, it only provides you with clarity on what went wrong and how you can make it right. It helps you build a new path that will help you reach where you want to be.

Failure Teaches You Value – We keep changing our values according to time. With every success or failure, your values keep on changing. Value is among the top virtue that you learn from failure. You learn to be grounded, and even when you succeed, you learn how not to let it go over your head. Failure allows you to determine the right things so that you can succeed.

Failure Makes Us Fearless – It is the fear of failure that makes you afraid of trying new things or explores your options. Failure allows you to get out of our comfort zones and take risks that you wouldn’t have considered otherwise. When you fail, you know that nothing can get worse. So, you are in a better mindset to take risks as you are not afraid of anything anymore.

Failure Offers You Experience – Everything you do in life offers you an experience where you learn from it. Success is not the only experience you need to understand life. Failure provides you a deeper understanding of life and a better way to look at life so that you can remain grounded. It teaches you about the things that are important in life and what makes you a good person.

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We all have failed at some point in our lives. It might not be something big such as loss in business, but also something as small as failing the driving test. People have come back from something even worse. Did you know that Walk Disney was once fired from a job because the owner though he did not have enough imagination? Many publishers told J.K. Rowling that her book Harry Potter was not worth publishing and would be a failure. But, instead of giving up, both of them worked hard and have earned their position there. It shows that failure is not permanent and nor is success. Both are part of our lives, and the more easily you accept it, the more humble and happy you will be in your life. If you spend a lot of time being afraid to fail, then you need to embrace failure as you do to success. Failure does far more to serve you and make you a better person than success.


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